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Mini Boss monster.png
Randomly selected Husk, Husky, or Smasher with special combat or defense modifiers.
Difficulty Very Hard (Husk)
Extreme (Husky)
Chaos (Smasher)
Attacks High damage.
Health Very High.
Special Abilities Randomly selected modifiers.
Weapons to use Variable
Strong against Variable
Weak against Variable

A Mini-Boss is a special Husk that usually will spawn in Mutant Storm missions with the Epic Mini-Boss modifier, usually during the defense stage of the Mission (if applicable). Cosmetically, the Mini-Boss appears to have a glossy sheen when compared to normal Husks.

Mini-Bosses do not follow the rule of elemental storms, which means a Nature Boss can appear in an Ice Storm, etc..

For Fight the Storm(Any Category), Retrieve the Data and Evacuate the Shelter missions, the Mini-Boss appears at 5 minutes after the beginning of the main objective defense. For Deliver the Bomb and Repair the Shelter mission, it appears at 1 minute after the beginning of the main objective defense. For Ride the Lightning mission, it appears at 1 minute after the beginning of stage 2.

List of Modifiers[edit | edit source]

  • For Acid Pools, Ricochet, Slowing Pools, Tank and Wall Weakening, see Mutant Storms.
  • The Mini-Boss can be elemental(Fire, Nature or Water).
  • Berserker boss becomes enraged and quickened(?) once it reaches 50% health.
  • Building Blocker boss leaves obstacles that prohibit players to build forts or place traps on them.
  • Corrosive boss applies "Corrosion" to all 3 types of building with its attacks.
  • Damage-Pulse boss emits waves to damage nearby players and buildings with medium cooldowns.
  • Frenzied boss is ALWAYS quickened.
  • Healer boss emits waves to heal nearby enemies with medium cooldowns.
  • Shield Breaker boss can "flash" into the fort, causes a big problem if there is no way for players to get in to the fort to kill them. (e.g All walls and ceilings are full size and being placed with a trap)
  • Smoke Screen which is created by the boss-modifier moves with the boss.
  • Trap-Vulnerable boss has a tiny amount of health, but also has damage immunity to any other sources except traps.
  • Vampiric modifier is the same as "Life Leech Attacks".

Generally there are tendencies for these modifiers, a boss is more likely to have multiple relative modifiers to highlight one ability. (e.g: Wall Weakening+Corrosive oppose fortifications, Ricochet+Knockback oppose heroes, etc.)