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Mega Mall was a POI on the Fortnite Battle Royale map that was added in Season 9, replacing Retail Row which was destroyed in the Volcano eruption. It consists of a mall area with many stores, and a residential area, which is quite similar to the one that was in Retail Row.

In Week 2 of Season 10, a rift beacon was constructed in Mega Mall which turned the area back to Retail Row, but infested by Cube monsters from Fortnitemares 2018.

Points and sublocations

Mega Mall Top View
Mega mall top view.png
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* Click on the map to view geographic sub-locations.

For more details on houses and buildings, visit Mega Mall/Buildings

Map Changes

Season 9

  • Mega Mall was added to the map replacing Retail Row. The roads in the town have also been heavily modified to fit the futuristic theme, and some of the houses have been renovated.
  • June 20th: Ice Cream was added to Mega Mall.
  • July 3rd: Many portals from Stranger Things appeared at Mega Mall.
  • July 6th: Propaganda and the warning holograms have appeared at Mega Mall.
  • July 8th: All the portals disappear.

Season 10

  • The propaganda and warning posters have been removed.
  • August 11th: A Rift Beacon is being constructed.
  • August 12th: The Rift Beacon has been activated, and a small rift has been opened in the sky above the POI.
  • August 14th: Mega Mall has been removed from the map and Retail Row has been brought back but is infested with zombies from the Fortnitemares event.


  • A collaboration with Stranger Things took place here and portals could teleport you from one side to the other.
  • When the area was removed, there were no Slipstreams at all in the game.