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The Mecha Team Leader was a large robot constructed in Pressure Plant during late Season 9. Each of it's body parts had a different style, reflecting the pilot, and it was constructed to defeat the Devourer.

The Mecha was critically damaged during the fight., but still was able to defeat the Devourer with a final blow to his head with the Neo Tilted statue, which turned out to be a massive sword.

Construction[edit | edit source]

Only a few days after Pressure Plant received a upgrade, it was revealed that the government had started to work and build on a robot, to go out and fight the Cattus. Another part of the robot was added every 2 days.

  • July 2nd: The Robot has began construction at the Pressure Plant. The feet and one part of it's right leg were built.
  • July 4th: Construction of a robot continues. Second part of its right leg and first part of its left leg were built. It turned out that the hatch-like gateway is an elevator.
  • July 6th: Construction of a robot continues. Second part of its left leg were built.
  • July 8th: Construction of the robot continues. It's torso is now fully built.
  • July 10th: The robot construction has continued. The left bicep has been built.
  • July 12th: The robot's full right arm has been built.
  • July 14th: The robot's left arm construction has been complete, and a jetpack was built on it's back.
  • July 17th: The construction of the robot has been finished. Each part of the robot symbolizes different styles of its pilot.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Mecha has a arsenal of powerful missiles. After they seem to be ineffective he jumped onto the Devourer and launched both of them in to the ocean. After this failed and he lost one of his arms, he took the Zero Point out of the vault to obtain part of his power (this would crack it; that would tear the space-continuum in Season X), he smashed his hand into The Devourer's face; that completely knocked him away. After that he took Neo Tilted's Singularity statue that turns out was a sword, then he jumped up in the air and he jammed it into the Devourer's head, leaving only the Skeletal Remains POI for the rest of Season 9 and Season X. After that he flossed with his only arm left (inventing the No Sweat emote) and flew into the sky and disappeared in what seemed a rift, ending the Final Showdown event.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The appearance of Mecha seems to be a reference to Voltron, however this is not confirmed.
  • It is most likely that the person who controlled the mecha was Singularity, due to the mecha parts having the same styles as her helmet variants.