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Materials are found throughout the world and can be found in Chests, Floor Loot & mining trees, rocks, walls, cars, and more with the player's harvesting tool. They are used to build walls, floors, stairs & pyramids each costs 10 material of a kind to build. There is only Wood, Stone & Metal materials for now. Each materials cap out at 999 in Battle Royale, 500 in Arena, in Creative players can set up their own amount.

Materials[edit | edit source]

Wood icon.png
Max. Stack 999 (500 in Arena)
Stone icon.png
Max. Stack 999 (500 in Arena)
Metal icon.png
Max. Stack 999 (500 in Arena)

Pros & Cons[edit | edit source]

Wood icon.png Pros Cons
It's the most common material. It's the weakest material to build of.
It fully builds extremely fast. Has a lot of holes throughout the build.
Stone icon.png Pros Cons Easter Egg
Rocks gives you tons of Stone. Rocks are only found in open fields. Sometimes when you build a wall,

a gnome can be find in the middle of the wall.

Though it's very rare.

It has less holes than Wood. Builds pretty slowly.
It has pretty good health. Still gets destroyed instantly by a rocket.
Metal icon.png Pros Cons
It's the strongest material. It is only found in cities and landmarks with cars.
It blocks rockets when it's fully build. The wall will be quite weak after.
It starts with a lot of health. Any gun can easily destroy it when it's not fully built.
It has no holes, which means no one can see you behind. You need to wait for it to be fully built.