Machinist Thora

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Machinist Thora
Uses BASE to make traps more powerful.
Class Constructor
Subclass Machinist
Character Thora
Event Road Trip
Source Event Store

Machinist Thora is a Machinist Constructor Hero available in Save the World.

Versions[edit | edit source]

Machinist Thora
Rarity Legendary

Availability[edit | edit source]

Machinist Thora was available from the Event Store during the Road Trip event for Gold icon.png 2,800 Gold.

Hero Traits[edit | edit source]

Main article: Machinist

Machinist Thora shares all of the following Hero Traits with other members of the Machinist subclass:

Creative engineering icon.png
Creative Engineering
Increases build speed by 10%. Reduces building cost by 10%.
Plasma pulse icon.png
Plasma Pulse
Deploys a device which emits exploding Plasma Pulses every 0.125 seconds for 6 seconds. Deals a base of 18 plasma energy damage.
B.a.s.e. icon.png
The BASE alters the matter of connected building pieces. Affected walls will deal a base of 12 energy damage to any enemy that attacks them in melee. Attached structures gain 12% damage resistance. Extends 3 segments from placement.
Supercharged traps icon.png
Supercharged Traps
Increases damage done by all traps within the BASE range by 30%.
Automated defenses icon.png
Automated Defenses
Increases BASE connectivity by 1 building piece.
Decoy icon.png
Deploys a DECOY which will distract all enemies within a 1.5 tile radius for 7 seconds.
Electrified floors icon.png
Electrified Floors
Enemies within the area affected by BASE take damage every 2 seconds. Base Damage: 3 energy damage
Tough traps icon.png
Tough Traps
Increases trap durability by 25%.
Overclocked traps icon.png
Overclocked Traps
Decreases reload rate for all traps within the BASE range by 30%.

Kinetic overload icon.png
Kinetic Overload
Critical hits with hardware melee weapons trigger a Kinetic Overload, dealing a base of 140 plasma energy damage and knockback to the target.
Lofty architecture icon.png
Lofty Architecture
Increases health of buildings within area of BASE by 15%.
Recycling icon.png
For every 3 buildings of the same material, BASE generates 1 of that resource type every 60 seconds. Level 2 buildings are worth 3 building pieces and Level 3 buildings are worth 6 building pieces. The BASE can store a maximum of 450 of each resource. The BASE can generate a maximum of 75 of each resource every 60 seconds. Interact with BASE to collect.

Squad Bonuses

Support bonus icon.png
Tough traps icon.png
Tough Traps
Increases trap durability by 10%/15%/20%.

Recommended Builds[edit | edit source]

Support bonus icon.png Support Squad[edit | edit source]

Tactical bonus icon.png Tactical Squad[edit | edit source]

Squad Bonus Synergies[edit | edit source]

Machinist Thora works with and benefits from the following Squad Bonuses.

Icon Name Class Type Description Requires Users
Tough traps icon.png Tough Traps Constructor Support Increases trap durability by 10%/15%/20%.
Waste not want not icon.png Waste Not Want Not Soldier Support Increases ammo capacity of all weapons by 10%/15%/20%.
Sure shot icon.png Sure Shot Outlander Support Increases sniper rifle critical damage by 35%/53%/70%.
Work, work icon.png Work, Work Outlander Support Increases harvesting tool damage by 12%/18%/24%.
Ability damage icon.png Ability Damage Ninja Support Increases all ability damage by 10%/15%/20%.
Actuated attacks icon.png Actuated Attacks Constructor Support Increases blunt melee damage by 12%/18%/24%.
Adjustable choke icon.png Adjustable Choke Soldier Support Increases critical rating with shotguns by 8/13/18.
Anatomy lessons icon.png Anatomy Lessons Ninja Support Increased edged melee critical rating by 8/13/18.
Assault crit damage icon.png Assault Crit Damage Soldier Support Increase assault weapon critical hit damage by 36%/54%/72%.
Assault damage icon.png Assault Damage Soldier Support Increases assault weapon damage by 12%/18%/24%.
Bullet bonanza icon.png Bullet Bonanza Outlander Support 10%/15%/20% extra chance to find double ammo.
Caffeine high icon.png Caffeine High Ninja Support Regenerate energy 12%/18%/24% more quickly.
Eagle eye icon.png Eagle Eye Outlander Support Increases critical rating with pistols by 18%.
Endurance training icon.png Endurance Training Ninja Support Increases maximum energy by 8%/12%/24%.
Energized icon.png Energized Outlander Support Increases Energy damage by 10%/15%/20%.
Fast build icon.png Fast Build Constructor Support Increases building construction speed by 12%/18%/24%.
Five winds cut icon.png Five Winds Cut Ninja Support Increases damage of edged melee weapons by 12%/18%/24%.
Fleet icon.png Fleet Outlander Support Increases movement speed by 6%/9%/12%.
Healthy icon.png Healthy Constructor Support Increases maximum health by 10%/15%/20%.
Heaviest attacks icon.png Heaviest Attacks Ninja Support Increases combo attack damage by 15%.
Hipshot icon.png Hipshot Outlander Support Increases pistol damage by 12%/18%/24%.
Hit'em while they're down icon.png Hit'em While They're Down Outlander Support 12%/18%/24% Damage to stunned, staggered, and knocked down targets.
Hotfix icon.png Hotfix Constructor Support Increases building repair rate by 10%/15%/20%.
Improved headshots icon.png Improved Headshots Soldier Support Increases headshot damage multipler of ranged weapons by 13%/20%/27%.
Keen edge icon.png Keen Edge Ninja Support Increases sword critical damage by 35%/53%/70%.
Loot find icon.png Loot Find Outlander Support 3%/4.5%/6% extra chance to find double loot.
Make it count icon.png Make it Count Outlander Support Increases pistol critical hit damage by 35%/53%/70%.
Pre planning icon.png Pre Planning Constructor Support Reduces the cost of buildings by 4%/8%/10%.
Punchy icon.png Punchy Outlander Support Increases blunt weapon damage & impact by 6%/9%/12%.
Quick clip icon.png Quick Clip Soldier Support Increases reload speed by 15%/23%/30%.
Quick shield icon.png Quick Shield Ninja Support Reduces shield regeneration delay by 10%/15%/20%.
Shielded icon.png Shielded Outlander Support Increases maximum shield by 10%/15%/20%.
Hammer critical chance icon.png Hammer Critical Chance Constructor Support Increases blunt melee critical rating by 8/13/18.
Armored icon.png Armored Soldier Support Increase Armor by 12/18/25.
Your move, creep icon.png Your Move, Creep Outlander Tactical DECOY periodically damages enemies within the attraction radius. Constructor
Bloody bull icon.png Bloody Bull Ninja Tactical Bull Rush Afflicts damaged targets, dealing 30% extra damage per second for 3 seconds. Constructor
China shop icon.png China Shop Outlander Tactical Bull Rush now deals damage to non-friendly buildings. Constructor
Decoy stun icon.png Decoy Stun Constructor Tactical When DECOY is destroyed or expires it creates an explosion that deals impact and stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds. Constructor
Feel the base icon.png Feel The BASE Constructor Tactical BASE generates energy when enemies die within the area affected by BASE. After 30 kills BASE emits an explosion that knocks husks back and deals 704.2 Energy Damage in a 3 tile radius. Constructor
Power modulation icon.png Power Modulation Constructor Tactical Structures attached to BASE regenerate 5% of their max health every 10 seconds. Constructor

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