Lynx Challenges

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Lynx Challenges is an exclusive Season 7 set of challenge for Battle Pass holders. Achieving certain amounts of XP will unlock Scratchmark and a number of additional styles for the Lynx outfit. The Lynx Challenges can be completed anytime after the season end.

Challenges & Rewards[edit | edit source]

Challenge Reward
T UI ChallengeTile Lynx.png Complete any 12 Lynx challenges T-Banners-Icons-CompletionNeonCat-L.png

Lynx Banner

Gain Season xp icon.png 10,000 XP Scratchmark.png

Scratchmark Harvesting Tool

Gain Season xp icon.png 30,000 XP LynxProgressiveStage2.png

Lynx Stage 2

Gain Season xp icon.png 75,000 XP ScratchmarkRed.png

Scratchmark (Red)

Gain Season xp icon.png 125,000 XP LynxProgressiveStage3.png

Lynx Stage 3

Gain Season xp icon.png 175,000 XP ScratchmarkBlue.png

Scratchmark (Blue)

Gain Season xp icon.png 225,000 XP Cat Flip.png

Cat Flip Emote

Gain Season xp icon.png 275,000 XP ScratchmarkBlack.png

Scratchmark (Black)

Gain Season xp icon.png 325,000 XP LynxProgressiveStage4.png

Lynx Stage 4

Complete 15 Weekly Challenges RedLynx.png

Lynx (Red)

Complete 35 Weekly Challenges LynxClothingColorBlue.png

Lynx (Blue)

Complete 55 Weekly Challenges LynxClothingColorBlack.png

Lynx (Black)