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Lonely Lodge 9.png

Lonely Lodge was an area on the Battle Royale map located at east coordinates I4-I5, J4-J5, south of Sunny Steps, far north of Moisty Palms, far east of Dusty Depot, south-east of Pressure Plant and north-east of Retail Row. It was a sole lodge in a forested area with flowing water, steep canyons, woodsheds and a high watchtower which is the highest structure built out of destroyable material. Lonely Lodge was the most eastern named area on the map.

Points and Sub-locations

Lonely Lodge Top View
Lonely Lodge Air View.png
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For more details on buildings, visit Lonely Lodge/Buildings

Other Loot Spots

  • Lodge
  • High Watchtower


Map Changes

Season 1

  • Lonely Lodge was added to the map.
  • The overhang behind the 2 story shack has a small indent with a chest and rocks added.

Season 3

Season 4

  • A rubber duck was removed from Lonely Lodge.
  • Week 10: The "Welcome to the Lodge” sign in front of the main lodge disappeared and was replaced by a rift. The second one next to the main lodge going down to the small river still remained.

Season 5

  • The rubber duck was removed from Lonely Lodge.
  • A birthday cake was added to Lonely Lodge.
  • The birthday cake was removed from Lonely Lodge.

Season 6

  • The top of the sniper tower was covered in chicken legs and feathers. This was likely a teaser for the Tender Defender skin.
  • A bed and chair in the main lodge started to float and stopped floating after some time. This was related to the Halloween event.

Season 7

  • Ziplines were added Connecting to the Expedition Outpost on a nearby hill.
  • Some of the area was covered in brown near the end of the season by Wailing Woods.

Season 8

  • The brown area was turned back to green grass.

Season 9

  • July 25: Birthday Cakes were added behind the two story shack.
  • July 31: Birthday Cakes were removed.

Season 10

  • October 13th: Lonely Lodge was sucked into a black hole.


  • If you go up to any of the fish on the walls in the main lodge and emote, the fish will start flopping and music will play.