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Floating Island Geo-1.png

Leaky Lake (now Loot Lake) was an area on the Battle Royale map located at central north coordinates D4, E4-E5, southeast of Pleasant Park, north of Tilted Towers, north-west of Dusty Divot, south-west of Lazy Links, and east of Snobby Shores. It was a lake which originally had a giant Floating Island with Loot Lake's center house at the top of it. The lake was surrounded by boats, houses and two factory buildings at the shore.


On an earlier version of the Season 6 map, v6.20, Leaky Lake was a lake with a giant maelstorm and had spawned a Floating Island with the lake's center house at the top of it. Leaky Lake had a whirlpool that outputted a tornado at the center of the lake, with some rusty cars, pipes, and rocks surrounding it. Attempting to jump into the tornado would result in the player being pushed away, allowing them to deploy their glider.

The Floating Island began to move two days to each of the Corrupted Areas after the release of Season 6. Within a few weeks it returned back to its home, and to kick off Fortnitemares, the CUBE ripped the Floating Island into three parts.

This is what Leaky Lake first looked like before the Cube Event.
  • Leaky Lake Geo-1.png
    Leaky Lake's initial appearance  (Map ver. 6)

At the end of Fortnitemares 2018, which saw the destruction of the Cube and Loot Lake's original island, Leaky Lake significantly changed. The lake now contains multiple, smaller islands, with the center island containing 7 Stonehenge-shaped remains of the CUBE. The vortex that levitates players into the sky has also ceased to appear.

Upon the release of Season 7, the name was changed back to Loot Lake, which was the name from Pre-Season 1 to Season 5.

Points and Sublocations

Leaky Lake Top View 6.21.png
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South Factory

Loot Lake Location 1.png
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Treasure chest (tier 1).png  Treasure Chest:   ground level of the South Factory
Loot Lake Chest 4.png
Treasure chest (tier 1).png  Treasure Chest:   third level of the South Factory
Loot Lake Chest 5.png
Treasure chest (tier 1).png  Treasure Chest:   inside the Steel Cage
Loot Lake Chest 3.png

North Factory

Loot Lake Location 2.png
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Treasure chest (tier 1).png  Treasure Chest:   second level of the North Factory, on top of wood piles
Loot Lake Chest 6.png

Modern House

Loot Lake Location 3.png
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Treasure chest (tier 1).png  Treasure Chest:   garage of the Modern House
Loot Lake Chest 7.png

Boat House

Loot Lake Location 4.png
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Treasure chest (tier 1).png  Treasure Chest:   inside the boat house
Loot Lake Chest 8.png


Loot Lake Location 5.png
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Treasure chest (tier 1).png  Treasure Chest:   on the top level of watchtower
Loot Lake Chest 9.png


Loot Lake Location 6.png
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Treasure chest (tier 1).png  Treasure Chest:   on the side of the campsite tent
Loot Lake Chest 10.png

Map Changes

Season 6

Map v6.10 (October 21)

  • The floating island has re-entered the airspace of the lake.
  • The floating island has began to draw power from the vortex in the lake and create a portal in the sky.
  • October 22: The portal in the sky has continued to grow.

Map v6.20 (October 24)

  • The floating island has been blown up by the CUBE and is now in three pieces.
  • The pieces of the CUBE that have been growing on the house have been scattered across the map and are summoning Cube Monsters.
  • October 26: The CUBE has started to develop cracks in it.

November 3 The cube has cracked more and a strange goo fell from it into the leaky lake

Cracked CUBE
  • November 4th: The CUBE teleported everyone in the island into a strange subspace called The Inbetween, and the CUBE broke into pieces. The Floating Island is gone and Leaky Lake spawned one center island surrounded by multiple small islands and with the Rainbow beneath it.

Season 7

  • Leaky Lake was renamed back to Loot Lake.
  • Some of the CUBE's pieces have fallen over.


  • Leaky Lake was the second shortest lived named POI, the first being Tilted Town. Leaky Lake lasted for the entirety of Season 6.
  • Leaky Lake is the only different variation of Loot Lake to get a different name.