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Lazy Links Geo-1.png

Lazy Links (Formerly Anarchy Acres) was a wealthy country club added to the Battle Royale map located at north coordinates F2-F3 west of The Block and north-east of Loot Lake. It replaced the previous Anarchy Acres which was in the same location. It was full of recreational sports with a pool, tennis courts, a 9-hole golf course and other amenities.

Lazy Links was added in Season 5 following the initial Patch 5.0 on July 12, 2018. Lazy Links was removed at the start of Season 8 replaced with Lazy Lagoon, a lakeside village with a pirate ship.

Points and Sublocations[edit | edit source]

Lazy Links Top View
Lazy Links Geo TopView.png
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Other Loot Spots[edit | edit source]

  • Clubhouse
  • Golf Courses
  • Pool
  • Volleyball Court
  • Tennis Court
  • House with tractor

Props[edit | edit source]

  • Picnic Table With Umbrella (red and open)
  • Picnic Table With Umbrella (blue and closed)
  • Lazy Links Sign
  • Golf Court Sign

Map Changes[edit | edit source]

Season 5[edit | edit source]

  • Lazy Links was added to the Battle Royale Map replacing Anarchy Acres.
  • A birthday cake was added to Lazy Links.
  • The birthday cake was removed from Lazy Links.

Season 6[edit | edit source]

  • Halloween decor has been placed around the main mansion area.
  • 27 November: The Uncle Pete Pizza pit and Durrr Burger trucks are at Lazy Links.

Season 7[edit | edit source]

  • Snow fully covered Lazy Links for Christmas.
  • The snow has gone.
  • Snow covered Lazy Links for a second time.
  • Snow eventually melted.
  • The wood bridge east of Lazy Links was destroyed by The Earthquake and the cracks are coming towards Lazy which could have been foreshadowing its removal.

Season 8[edit | edit source]

  • Lazy Links was removed from the map and replaced by Lazy Lagoon.

Trivia[edit | edit source]