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Category Battle Royale Items
Introduced Patch 14.00

Jellyfish is a Rare fish/healing item in Battle Royale. It's found in Fishing Spots. It acts just like a Chug Splash, exploding and covering in Slurp all the people near it for 20 HP/Shield. However, throwing the Jellyfish will not explode it, except it will just drop like a regular item.

The minimum size you can fish up is 35 cm and the maximum is 55 cm.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Time to Use 1 Sec
Total Restoration 20 Effective health (Health or shield)
Max. Stack 3
Acts like a Chug Splash

Fish Collection[edit | edit source]

Name Image Location
29 Slurp Jellyfish Jellyfish.png Anywhere
30 Peely Jellyfish PeelyJellyfish.png Mountainous Areas

Misty Meadows, Lazy Lake, Retail Row

Requires Pro Fishing Rod.

31 Purple Jellyfish PurpleJellyfish.png Coastal Areas

Sweaty Sands, Beaches

32 Dark Vanguard Jellyfish DarkVanguardJellyfish.png Anywhere at Night
33 Cuddle Jellyfish CuddleJellyfish.png Swamp Areas

Slurpy Swamp