It's Showtime

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It's Showtime
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We need to find Anthony before the husks do. Follow the trail of demo tapes for clues.
Type Main Quest
Page 6
Series 1
Repeatable No
Region Canny Valley
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It's Showtime is a quest that is part of Canny Valley main quest line.

Description[edit | edit source]

  • We need to find Anthony before the husks do. Follow the trail of demo tapes for clues. Can be only completed in a desert or Thunder Route 99 zone.

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Find 7 tapes in 52+ zones

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Intro[edit | edit source]

Steel wool syd.png  Syd:    Hey, I was thinking.
Steel wool syd.png  Syd:    If that drummer of yours thinks like Anthony...
Steel wool syd.png  Syd:    Maybe he can lead us to Anthony.
Ray.png  Ray:    Let's go follow that robot!

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Interacting first trail post

Ray.png  Ray:    You found a tape?
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    Are we... Are we rolling? Go-go now? Yea? Okay.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    My name is Anthony, but you probably know me as Lil' Anthony Dynamite.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    Dr. Drumroll, The Snare Force, Break Master A, and of course the Steel Wool Smasher,
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    The longest survivng drummer of Steel Wool by eighty five days and counting.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    I've come to the desert in search of legendary gunslinger, Blackboot ayers.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    I'm repped by The Dynamic Blast Agency.

Interacting second trail post

Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    Along our journey to find the legendary gunslinger, Blackboot Ayers,
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    You can expect lots of surprise guest, unexpected twists, and of course, epic drum offs.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    This will be a lightly scripted, single camera experience shot on location in beautiful Canny Valley.
Ray.png  Ray:    I think.. he's pitching a show.

Interacting third trail post

Ray.png  Ray:    Another tape!
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    People ask "Why this? Why now?"
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    And "Aren't you in jail?"
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    Well, I came out to the desert to show the world how much I've changed.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    And to follow the trail of legendary gunslinger Blackboot Ayers.

Interacting fourth trail post

Ray.png  Ray:    We found another one.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    Now you may be thinking, didn't legendary gunslinger Blackbook Ayers die hundreds of years ago?
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    Well what if I told you that I saw him just yesterday?
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    And what if I continued to tell you that he's no longer just legendary gunslinger Blackboot Ayers.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    He's also a monster.
Ray.png  Ray:    Huh... this might be true.
Ray.png  Ray:    If he finds what he's looking for, Steel Wool really will need a new drummer.
Ray.png  Ray:    You're right. That was insensitive
Ray.png  Ray:    We need to find him.

Interacting fifth trail post

Ray.png  Ray:    Here we go! We're still on the trail!
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    What is it about legendary gunslinger Blackboot ayers that fascinates us to this day?
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    I'm here with one of his biggest fans,
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    And a well known cosplayer, what did you say your name was?
Radio.png  Tape (Husk):    *rumbles*
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    Right on.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    Tell everyone at home how you first became interested in gunslinger culture.
Radio.png  Tape (Husk):    *rumbles*
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    And there you have it. We'll be right back.
Ray.png  Ray:    Uh.. this might be the last tape?
Ray.png  Ray:    We should keep looking around

Interacting sixth trail post

Ray.png  Ray:    Oh good. There's another one.
Ray.png  Ray:    Brace yourself.. this might not be pretty.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    Now whenever I'm on the road I like to make time to jam with local drumming legends.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    And today, we've got a special treat.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    He's been absolutely destroying clubs across the country, and today...
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    In a no holds barred, cymbal clashing cataclysm, and it begins...

Interacting last trail post

Ray.png  Ray:    Seriously?
Ray.png  Ray:    At first when Syd and Lars were like "How is Anthony not dead?"
Ray.png  Ray:    I thought they were being really, really insensitive...
Ray.png  Ray:    But, seriously how is he not dead.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    Welp. That's it for the pilot.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    I hope you like what you see.
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    I'm looking to go to series real quick...
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    Because I'm hot on the trail of legendary gunslinger Blackboot Ayers!
Radio.png  Tape (Anthony):    Until then, keep the beat going!

Outro[edit | edit source]

Ray.png  Ray:    I have a bad feeling that he's tracking down a very real nightmare creature.
Ray.png  Ray:    And if the guidebook is right...
Ray.png  Ray:    He's headed to the Gravestone.
Ray.png  Ray:    We need to get there before he does.