Hybrid Challenges

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Hybrid Challenges are an exclusive Season 8 set of challenges for Battle Pass holders. Once Hybrid has been earned, the Hybrid Challenges will be available to complete. The Hybrid Challenges can be completed anytime after the season end. The rewards for the challenges consists of a harvesting tool, multiple style options for the harvesting tool, and multiple style options for Hybrid.

Challenges & Rewards

Complete Any 12 Challenges

Hybrid Banner

Challenge Rewards
Gain 20,000 XP 120px-HarvestingTool Dragon'sClaw.png

Dragon's Claw (Yellow Color)

Gain 60,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant HybridStage2.png

Hybrid (Stage 2)

Gain 100,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant HybridMaroonDragonColor.png

Hybrid (Maroon Dragon Color)

Gain 140,000 XP DCSS.png

Dragon's Claw (Purple, Green, and Blue Color)

Gain 180,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant HybridStage3.png

Hybrid (Stage 3)

Gain 220,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant HybridGreyDragonColor.png

Hybrid (Grey Dragon Color)

Gain 260,000 XP 120px-Emote DragonStance.png

Dragon Stance

Gain 300,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant HybridPurpleDragonColor.png

Hybrid (Purple Dragon Color)

Gain 340,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant HybridStage4.png

Hybrid (Stage 4)

Complete 15 Weekly Challenges 120px-Outfit-Variant HybridBlueClothing.png

Hybrid (Blue Clothing)

Complete 35 Weekly Challenges 120px-Outfit-Variant HybridBlackClothing.png

Hybrid (Black Clothing)

Complete 60 Weekly Challenges 120px-Outfit-Variant HybridUltravioletClothing.png

Hybrid (Ultraviolet Clothing)