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Standard monster. Will attack both the base and player.
Difficulty Easy
Attacks Low damage.
Health Relatively low.
Special Abilities None.
Weapons to use Melee or Ranged.

Husks are the the "standard", most common type of husk that the player encounters. They are first introduced in the tutorial, making them the first type of monster the player encounters.

They utilize a melee attack using their hands, but deal relatively low damage per hit and have relatively low health. They are individually quite weak and only pose a threat in larger groups.

Changes[edit | edit source]

10.20 Patch Notes (August 27, 2019)
  • New sound effects

6.21 Patch Notes (November 1, 2018 )

Bug Fixes
  • The outline for pumpkin headed Husks now appears properly.

6.20 Patch Notes (October 24, 2018 )
  • Some of the Husks have got their heads stuck in Jack-o-Lanterns, making them look even more spooky than usual!

Gallery[edit | edit source]