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Shadows are deep and mysterious there.
Event Fortnitemares
Genre Regions
Release October 2017, October 2018

Hexsylvania was another exclusive location that was added in patch 1.8 (2017) and patch 6.20 (2018) durning the Fortnitemares Event

The location contains abandoned houses, broken castle-like structures and spooky mansions.

A Hexsylvania castle

The Rewards.[edit | edit source]

Hexsylvania had some exclusive rewards for completing Quests (For the quests check: Event Quests)

However there's a couple of diffrences between the 2017 and 2018 rewards (for example: insted of getting a Grave Digger Transform key, you get to choose between a legenday Skull trooper,Shuriken master Llamaurai and Ranger BettleJess.

Missions.[edit | edit source]

Hexsylvania had new mission exclusive to this mode:

Trap The Storm

Explore the Mist

(For full descriptions check: Event Quests)