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Heroes are the main playable characters in Save the World. There are currently four main classes of Heroes, which each having their own unique Perk. While every Hero in Fortnite can build, explore, and hold their own on the battlefield, each sub class has access to a unique set of Abilities and Traits that gives them a unique style of play.

Heroes are available in rarities from Uncommon to Mythic, and can be unlocked from Quests, Llamas, the Event Store, and most heroes can be recruited from the Collection Book

Loadouts[edit | edit source]

Each hero loadout consists of a Commander Hero, 5 Support Heroes, a Team Perk and 2 Gadgets. The Commander hero is the one you see in game. Each support hero in your loadout buffs your Commander's HP and Shield by 8%, up to 40%. Certain Team Perks, such as Blast from the Past, require event heroes instead.

Soldier icon.png Soldier[edit | edit source]

Soldiers provide the bulk of a team's firepower by buffing allies, debuffing enemies, and shredding Husks with combat-focused abilities to be better.

Constructor icon.png Constructor[edit | edit source]

Constructors are building-focused classes, providing supercharged structures and traps to improve a team's defenses and crowd control.

Ninja icon.png Ninja[edit | edit source]

Ninjas excel in melee combat and mobility, with Mantis Leap, Dragon Slash, and Smokescreen allowing them to dart in and out of harm's way.

Outlander icon.png Outlander[edit | edit source]

Outlanders specialize in treasure finding and resource collecting, with perks and abilities that help them find valuable loot, but also few combat abilities to help them pack a punch in tight situations.