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Gunblazer Epic.png
Gunblazer Picture.png
A combat focused explorer with upgrades to pistols, Shock Towers, TEDDYs, and ammo scavenging.
Class Outlander
Rarities Epic, Legendary
Characters Southie
Sources Birthday Llama, Scavenger Choice Llama


Gunblazer is a Outlander Hero subclass available in Save the World.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Focused acquisition icon.png
Focused Acquisition
Increases chance to find double loot by 6%.
Phase shift icon.png
Phase Shift
Rapidly shifts 1.75 tiles in the direction currently moving. Increases movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. Max 3 charges.
Shock tower icon.png
Shock Tower
Consumes a Charge Fragment to place a Shock Tower that pulses every 0.5 seconds, and lasts for 3 seconds. Causes Chain lightning, doing a base of 12 energy damage to enemies within 1.367 tiles, stunning small enemies for .75 seconds. Can stun large enemies after multiple hits.
Loot llama icon.png
Loot Llama
Consumes a Llama Fragment to deploy a Loot Llama. Whack the Loot Llama with a harvesting tool to get building materials and crafting ingredients before it disappears.
Phasers to kill icon.png
Phasers to Kill
Increases pistol damage by 50%, for 4 seconds, after Phase Shift ends.
Capacitor icon.png
Increases duration of Shock Tower by 1 second.
Teddy icon.png
Consumes a Charge Fragment to deploy TEDDY for 15 seconds. TEDDY will blast enemies within 4 tiles for a base of 16 physical damage, 4 times per second.
Eagle eye icon.png
Eagle Eye
Increases critical rating with pistols by 18%.
Llocked and lloaded icon.png
Llocked and Lloaded
Llama Fragment now drops ammo.
Extended magazine icon.png
Extended Magazine
Increases ammo capacity of pistols by 24%.

In the zone icon.png
In the Zone
After 5 hits in a row with a pick axe, gain In the Zone which increases pick axe damage by 24%.
Upgraded bearings icon.png
Upgraded Bearings
Increases TEDDY's rate of fire by 50%.
Static cling icon.png
Static Cling
Enemies hit by Shock Tower take an additional 110% of Shocktower damage every second for 3 seconds.

Squad Bonuses

Support bonus icon.png
Bullet bonanza icon.png
Bullet Bonanza
10%/15%/20% extra chance to find double ammo.
Tactical bonus icon.png
Llocked and lloaded icon.png
Llocked and Lloaded
Llama Fragment now drops ammo.