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How to play[edit | edit source]

Lobby[edit | edit source]

The players begin waiting in a lobby on a separate island northwest of the main map. In the lobby, the world has the same game mechanics as during the match, but you cannot eliminate players. You may scavenge bandages, traps, weapons, and resources while in the lobby. Any resources obtained during the lobby stage may be used to build structures, and any weapons obtained can be used. However, any items you collect while in lobby will be lost when the match starts. This can be an opportunity to experiment with new guns without fear of being killed by other players.

During this time, players can also pinpoint and mark locations on the map, either to set an objective or notify squadmates of drop locations.

Launch[edit | edit source]

After a short amount of time (or when the game is full) the Battle Bus launches and flies in a randomly selected path over the map. Players may jump from the bus to "drop" into their desired starting location. To jump from the bus, press the jump button (default: space/A/X/B On Switch) once to skydive from the bus, and then the jump button again to deploy the glider to glide more slowly. Note that you should not open the glider right away, but instead take advantage of the greater speed you have while skydiving. You may use movement controls (W/A/S/D or the left joystick on a controller) to guide the glider towards your desired starting location.

Landing[edit | edit source]

Before and after landing, players should take note of their surroundings, including the possible presence of other players who may have dropped near the same location. Once on the ground, players should start collecting resources, looking for Chests to find weapons and aid, and preparing for battle by observing the position of the Storm and watching for other players. The best places to look for chests are buildings. Almost every building, excluding some single-story shacks, contains at least one chest. Chests are most commonly found in the attics, so landing on the roof of a building is recommended.

Up to 5 Supply Llamas can spawn randomly across the map, which give lots of supplies and 350 of each material. Supply Drops, which occasionally drop in from the sky, also contain Epic or Legendary tier loot.

Players should mind the Bushes, either they can hide in them themselves or watch out for snipers.

Etiquette[edit | edit source]

Some standards of gameplay etiquette (or "rules") apply while playing Battle Royale:

  • Don't cheat with third-party clients
  • Don't AFK, meaning to go "away from keyboard" or otherwise become inactive during a match.
  • Don't exploit bugs or glitches
  • Don't team up with enemies

Building[edit | edit source]

Building is very important and having skill within this aspect of Battle Royale can guide players towards success.

Placements[edit | edit source]

The four available builds that can be placed by players are walls, floors (ceilings; platforms), ramps (stairs), and pyramids (cones; triangles). Buildings can be placed using three different kinds of materials, which are wood, brick (stone), and metal (iron). Each kind of building requires 10 of any kind of material to be placed. Buildings do follow regular gravity rules and will break if not connected to anything below. Wood buildings finish building the fastest, but also have the lowest HP out of the three materials. Brick places second-quickest and also has the second-highest HP. Metal has the highest HP, but also takes extremely long to finish building, making wood and brick the primary options for building.

In Combat[edit | edit source]

Building comes in handy in plenty of different ways, but its importance during combat is superior to that of any other situation. Think of it as a way to make cover for yourself while also gaining an advantage. When being shot at or otherwise targetted by enemies, it is imperative to build cover so that you are safe. Walls will do the job but typically, players also want to fight back. This can be done by simply attaching a ramp to your wall so that you can peak over the top of the wall and shoot at your enemy. This basic strategy not only protects players, but also gives them slight high ground over the enemy. Overall, building gives players protection while also giving them an advantage.

Editing[edit | edit source]

Editing buildings is an advanced skill to the building concept. All four types of builds can be edited in ways that can help players during any situation. For example, windows can be cut out of walls by simply pressing the edit key, and selecting any one of the three middle boxes displayed on the wall.