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The Glider is a Battle Royale item that the player uses while jumping off the Battle Bus. When using a Launch Pad, the player can reactivate the Glider to avoid fall damage. The Glider cannot be reactivated when simply jumping from a high location— only the Launch Pad allows players to reuse the Glider during a match.

Use[edit | edit source]

  • The Glider can be deployed after jumping off the Battle Bus or using a Launch Pad by pressing space (X on PlayStation 4, A on Xbox One), while Skydiving.
  • The Glider lets the player glide slowly and with more control, as opposed to Skydiving.
  • The Glider will deploy automatically once the player get close enough to the ground.
  • As long as the player is not too close to the ground, it can be switched between gliding and Skydiving at any time.
  • However, gliding and skydiving can't be switched if the glider has automatically deployed, even if the ground beneath gets lower.
  • It is best to Skydive for as long as possible, as Skydiving is faster than gliding, and it will get the player to the landing point quicker.

Glider Skins[edit | edit source]

Several skins are available for the Glider. These have no impact on the Glider's function and are purely cosmetic.

Umbrella[edit | edit source]

The Umbrella skin is awarded the first time a player wins a game.

Founders Reward[edit | edit source]

Anyone who purchased a Founder’s Pack receive exclusive Camo skins for their glider and umbrella.

Snowflake Umbrella[edit | edit source]

The Snowflake Umbrella skin is awarded to players who won a game during Season 2.[1]

Paper Parasol Umbrella[edit | edit source]

The Paper Parasol Umbrella skin is awarded to players who won a game during Season 3.

Wet Paint Umbrella[edit | edit source]

The Wet Paint Umbrella skin is awarded to players who won a game during Season 4.

Other Gliders[edit | edit source]

Other gliders can be attained by purchasing them from the Item Shop using V-Bucks or by completing Battle Pass Challenges.

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