Frag Grenade (trait)

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Frag Grenade
Frag grenade icon.png
The Soldier throws a frag grenade detonating after a few seconds, dealing a base of 101 energy damage in a 0.5 tile radius.
Class Soldier
Type Ability

Sub Classes That Use This Trait[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Patch 3.2 (March 7, 2018)
  • Fixed an issue which didn’t allow ‘Frag Grenade!’ to be thrown through small windows.

Patch 3.0.0 (February 20, 2018)

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Soldiers to sprint while they were aiming their Frag Grenade.

Patch 2.3.0 (January 24, 2018)

  • Frag grenades and cluster bombs will no longer fall through water, which caused Soldier’s to be unable to throw a second grenade.

Patch 2.2.0 (January 17, 2018)

  • Fixed an issue where frag grenades could still be used even when the player didn’t have enough stamina to use it.

Patch 1.5 (August 28, 2017)

  • Adjusted the Soldier’s grenade ability's throw arc while holding a grenade launcher weapon.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Soldier’s grenade ability to become unusable if thrown off of a cliff.

Sub Classes Using This Trait[edit | edit source]