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Disambig.png This article is about the process of constructing "forts". For the player stats abbreviated "F.O.R.T.", see F.O.R.T. Stats.
Key Function
Main Controls
LMB Swing (melee), fire (ranged)
RMB Heavy attack (melee), target/focus (ranged)
R Reload, hold to craft ammo
Q Switch between combat mode and build mode
Space Jump
Shift Sprint
MTab Open map
I Open inventory
E Use/interact with object
1 Select pickaxe
234 Select weapon slot
56 Activate Gadgets
ZXC Activate Abilities
LMB Build
RMB Switch building material
R Rotate building piece
F1 Wall mode
F2 Floor mode
F3 Stair mode
F4 Pyramid mode
F5 Trap mode
T Select trap
F Upgrade building piece/Repair damaged building piece
G Edit building piece
Enter Chat
B Quick chat message
N Create note/waypoint

Building is one of the main gameplay elements of Fortnite. It consists of building, upgrading, and repairing basic structures such as walls, floors, stairs, and roofs, as well as placement of traps, to create a functional defensive Fort. Creating structures requires basic building Materials, which are Wood, Stone, and Metal. These resources can be obtained through harvesting, found in reward packs, or from Expeditions.

Basics[edit | edit source]

Building is done by using the build menu, accessible at any time by any Class during missions by pressing Q or one of the F keys from F1 to F5. Within the Build menu, a holographic image of the structure to be built will be projected in front of your Character to indicate where it will be placed. You can switch the materials by using Right Click, and you can also modify the shape of the desired structure by pressing G.

When a new structure is placed or an existing one is modified, it starts out with about half of its full health and take a few seconds to fully form. This means that you cannot easily block off enemies by placing walls, as newly placed structures do not instantly form with full health.

Every basic structure of any shape costs 10 Wood, Stone, or Metal to build. Build time is based on HP per second, so wood builds the quickest since it has the fewest HP while metal builds the slowest since it has the most HP. Build cost, structure HP and build speed can be improved with skills, squad bonuses, and by playing certain Constructors.

If you run out of materials while building, you’ll now automatically switch to the next material with available resources. This can be turned off with the “Auto Material Change” option in the Game Settings menu.[1]

Buildings that are not connected to another building or the world geometry will automatically collapse, which could lead to a chain reaction that destroys a majority of your base. This includes edited buildings that also meet said criteria.

Elemental damage[edit | edit source]

As you progress through the game, you need to be aware of what enemies are within the map and build accordingly, for example:[2]

  • Enemies that deal fire damage, will do additional damage to wood structures.
  • Enemies that deal water damage, will do additional damage to stone structures.
  • Enemies that deal nature damage, will do additional damage to metal structures.

Currently, there are no resistances to elemental damage. NPCs will either do more damage or the same as the default. The higher level you are, the more damage the NPCs will do to your buildings.

Wood Stone Metal
Wood Building Tier 1.jpg Stone Building Tier 1.jpg Metal Building Tier 1.jpg.jpg
Wood Building Tier 2.jpg Stone Building Tier 2.jpg Metal Building Tier 2.jpg.jpg
Wood Building Tier 3.jpg Stone Building Tier 3.jpg Metal Building Tier 3.jpg.jpg
Wood is weak against fire damage Stone is weak against water damage Metal is weak against nature damage

Upgrade Cost[edit | edit source]

Upgrading can be done after unlocking the Building Upgrade Skill Tree nodes. You can upgrade structures by pressing F when they are at full health, consuming extra resources in the process. Upgraded structures have significantly higher Health, which means it can withstand more damage before being destroyed.

Base structure upgrade costs to level 2 and 3 are 20 and 30 resources respectively, but these can be decreased by skills and squad bonuses.

Each material costs the same amount of resources to build and upgrade. Within the talent trees, you can select skills that reduce the cost slightly.

Cost Pre Planning (trait) Pre Planning (trait) + Building Constructors
Build 10 8 3
Upgrade 20 15 7
Upgrade 30 23 11

Repairing[edit | edit source]

Structures that have taken damage from Enemies can be Repaired at any time by pressing F. Repairing structures consume resources depending on the structure's type (e.g. Wooden walls can be repaired using Wood). As with building and modifying, the process of repairing a structure takes a few seconds to complete. The more damage a structure has taken the more it costs to repair, up to the actual build cost.

If a structure takes enough damage to be destroyed, it cannot be repaired, and must be rebuilt from scratch, requiring more resources.

Traps[edit | edit source]

Main article: Traps

Traps are various items which can be placed on floors, stairs, walls, ceilings or roofs to provide more defense or utility to a fort. These include damage traps, healing traps, and (player or enemy) movement traps. Traps can be placed by pressing default T or F5.

Building health[edit | edit source]

Each of the configurations have different amount of health points. Generally speaking the more blocks it uses within the building, the higher health it will be. The table below is able to be sorted by clicking on the headings.

WT1-3, (Wood, Tier 1-3). ST1-3 (Stone, Tier 1-3). MT1-3 (Metal Tier 1-3).

name building Switchbuilding WT1 WT2 WT3 ST1 ST2 ST3 MT1 MT2 MT3
Arch side F1 230 525 810 320 730 1125 415 930 1450
Center arch F1 265 600 930 390 880 1370 520 1170 1815
Column F1 180 415 635 225 505 785 265 600 930
Door F1 275 615 960 405 915 1420 540 1220 1890
Full F1 280 630 980 420 945 1470 560 1260 1960
Low F1 180 415 635 225 505 785 265 600 930
Low half F1 175 400 615 210 475 735 245 555 880
Medium F1 230 525 810 320 730 1125 415 930 1450
Medium half F1 215 490 765 265 600 930 370 840 1300
Medium w/ door F1 225 505 785 310 695 1080 390 880 1370
Triangle up / down F1 265 600 930 390 880 1370 520 1170 1815
Window x1 F1 275 615 960 405 915 1420 540 1220 1890
Window x1 & door F1 265 600 930 390 880 1370 520 1170 1815
Window x2 F1 265 600 930 390 880 1370 520 1170 1815
1 Tile F2 175 400 615 210 475 735 245 555 880
2 Tiles F2 215 490 765 265 600 930 370 840 1300
Diagional F2 215 490 765 265 600 930 370 840 1300
3 Tiles F2 230 525 810 320 730 1125 415 930 1450
Full F2 265 600 930 390 880 1370 520 1170 1815
Half F3 215 490 765 265 600 930 370 840 1300
"L" Shape F3 225 505 785 310 695 1080 390 880 1370
"U" Shape F3 230 525 810 320 730 1125 415 930 1450
Full F3 265 600 900 390 880 1370 520 1170 1815
Roof F4 265 600 900 390 880 1370 520 1170 1815

Editing Buildings[edit | edit source]

Available Shapes[edit | edit source]

Walls (F1)
Structure Name Footprint
Wall FPW1.png
Wall with Door FPW2a.png
Wall with Window FPW3a.png
Wall with two Windows Side windows.png
Wall with Window and Door Windowed door.png
Side Wall FPW10.png
Half-wall FPW4.png
Side Half-wall Side Half-wall.png
Half-wall with Door Half-wall with door.png
Fence FPW5.png
Side Fence FPW6.png
Diagonal Wall FPW7a.png
Arch FPW8.png
Half-arch FPW9.png
Floors (F2)
Structure Name Footprint
Floor Floor.png
3/4 Floor 3&4Fenced.png
2/4 Floor 2&1 Fenced.png
1/4 Floor 1&4 Fenced.png
Diagonal Diagonal.png
Stairs (F3)
Structure Name Footprint
Whole Stairs Stairs.png
Quarter-turn Stairs (L)stairs.png
Half-turn Stairs (U)stairs.png
Half-stairs Half stairs.png
Roofs (F4)
Structure Name Footprint
Pyramid Pyramid.png
Outer Corner Roof 3-4Pyramid.png
Side Roof 2-4Pyramid.png
Inner Corner Roof 1-4Pyramid.png
Diagonal Roof Inverted V.png

Changes[edit | edit source]

Patch 4.3 (30 May, 2018)
Turbo Build: Structures now build faster after the first building piece is placed.
  • Your first structure is built 0.15 seconds after holding the button (unchanged), any additional structures built while Turbo Building are placed after 0.05 seconds.
  • This fixes the issue that was occasionally causing a structure not to place when quickly building.
  • The reason there’s a difference in timing between the first structure placed (0.15s) and Turbo Built structures (0.05s) is to allow additional time for players to switch structure type or rotate pieces.
Added a toggle for 'Edit Mode Aim Assist' ingame options.
  • This has always been enabled for controller users. You now have the option to enable or disable this feature.
  • Edit Mode Aim Assist attracts your aim towards the closest building square and partially confines your crosshair to the building piece your editing.
Bug Fixes
  • Turbo Building is no longer cancelled when cycling through Traps to get to a new building piece on your quick bar.
  • The "out of resources" sound effect no longer plays repeatedly while trying to Turbo Build without any resources.

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