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Flux is used to upgrade the rarity of heroes, weapons and traps. It can be purchased from the Event Store.[1][2]

Types of Flux[edit | edit source]

Rare Flux Epic Flux Legendary Flux
Rare flux icon.png Epic flux icon.png Legendary flux icon.png
Cost per set 30 Gold icon.pngGold 75 Gold icon.pngGold 75 Gold icon.pngGold
Flux per set 10 x Rare flux icon.png 10 x Epic flux icon.png 5 x Legendary flux icon.png
Sets per week 20 10 10
Total Flux per week 200x Rare flux icon.png 100x Epic flux icon.png 50 x Legendary flux icon.png
Cost per Flux 3 Gold icon.png 7.5 Gold icon.png 15 Gold icon.png
Cost per 100 Flux 300 Gold icon.png 750 Gold icon.png 1500 Gold icon.png
Time to reach 100 Flux 1 week 1 week 2 weeks

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