Floating Island

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Loot lake rises.png
Floating Island is an unnamed POI moving throughout the imprinted runes of the Battle Royale Map. It has the CUBE at the bottom and once had a vortex below it that players can now jump in to (hence its movement.) It was originally part of Loot Lake.

Loot[edit | edit source]

House[edit | edit source]

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Treasure chest (tier 1).png  Treasure Chest:   on top of the ceiling of the house
Loot Lake Chest 13.png
Treasure chest (tier 1).png  Treasure Chest:   second floor, bedroom of the house
Loot Lake Chest 14.png
Treasure chest (tier 1).png  Treasure Chest:   second level of the ground outside of the house
Loot Lake Chest 15.png
Treasure chest (tier 1).png  Treasure Chest:   mining cave, underneath the house
Loot Lake Chest 16.png
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