Flare Gun

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Flare Gun
Category Battle Royale Weapons
Introduced Patch 13.20

The Flare Gun is a Rare weapon in Battle Royale that was added in Patch 13.20.

It deals 60 damage with area of effect and starts fire. Once the bullet explodes, it acts just like a shakedown, it scans a very big area revealing opponents' positions for marking them. It also works through walls.

As for ammo, it uses its own ammo having a fire icon, its magazine size is 1 but you can use it 6 times.

For the moment, as it was recently released, the Flare Gun hasn't been added to Creative yet.

It was discovered that in Patch 13.3 that you now light campfires using it. Although, we don't know if it was a feature since flare guns were first added in Patch 13.20.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Flare Gun
Bullet Type 15px
DPS 36
Damage 60
Fire Rate 0.6
Magazine Size 6
Reload Time 1.5
Structure Damage 10-100

Availability[edit | edit source]

Rarities/Ways to Obtain Chest Rare Chest Loot Llama Supply Drop Floor Loot Henchman Chest

Texture[edit | edit source]

Flare Gun - Weapon - Fortnite (1).webp

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first and only weapon in Battle Royale to use Fire, a brand new type of ammo.
  • It takes two shots to kill a non-shielded 100 HP player.
    • It takes only one shot to kill a non-shielded 50 HP player.
      • It takes three shots to kill a half-shielded 100 HP player.
        • And finally, It takes four shots to kill a full-shielded 100 HP player.