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First Shot
First Shot Rio epic.png
First Shot Rio legendary.png
First Shot Rio rare.png
Reloads to get a large initial hit of damage then follows up with high fire rate burst.
Class Soldier
Rarities Epic, Legendary, Rare
Characters Rio
Sources Quests, Road Trip Llamas


First Shot is a Soldier Hero subclass available in Save the World.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Advanced tactics icon.png
Advanced Tactics
Ranged weapon damage increased by 10%. Health increased by 10%.
War cry icon.png
War Cry
Give a War Cry, affecting friendly characters within 4 tiles for 10 seconds. Grants 45% more damage and 30% attack speed for ranged weapons and 45% more damage and 20% attack speed for melee weapons.
Debilitating shots icon.png
Debilitating Shots
Dealing ranged damage applies one stack of Vulnerability, increasing damage taken from all sources by 5% on the target for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
Locked and reloaded icon.png
Locked and Reloaded
After reloading, rate of fire is increased by 25% for 5 seconds.
Practiced in combat icon.png
Practiced in Combat
Increases the duration of War Cry by 5 seconds.
Frag grenade icon.png
Frag Grenade
The Soldier throws a frag grenade detonating after a few seconds, dealing a base of 101 energy damage in a 0.5 tile radius.
First assault icon.png
First Assault
The first bullet fired after reloading an assault rifle critically hits enemies. Removed on weapon switch.
In a pinch icon.png
In a Pinch
Increases weapon reload speed by 35% if the magazine is empty.
Padlocked and reloaded icon.png
Padlocked and Reloaded
Increases the rate of fire from Locked and Reloaded to 50%.

Shockwave icon.png
The Soldier emits a shockwave, knocking back enemies within 1 tile range and dealing a base of 91 energy damage.
Kneecapper icon.png
Increases the effectiveness of Debilitating Shots Vulnerability stacks to 9%.
Blitz icon.png
Move 25% faster and gain energy 10% quicker, for the duration of War Cry.

Squad Bonuses

Tactical bonus icon.png
Practiced in combat icon.png
Practiced in Combat
Increases the duration of War Cry by 5 seconds.