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F.O.R.T stats are the 4 basic stats in Fortnite. Survivor Squads and Research increase these stats.

Fortitude Increases health and health regen rate by +1% per point.
Offense Increases weapon damage by +1% per point.
Resistance Increases shield and shield regen rate by +1% per point.
Tech Increases trap damage, ability damage, gadget damage, and healing rate by +1% per point.

Increasing these stats will increase the player's Homebase Power Level and contribute to Heroes' performance in Missions.

Survivor Squads[edit | edit source]

Main article: Survivor Squads

Slotting Survivors into Survivor Squads grants F.O.R.T. stats based on the Squad:

  • Fortitude: EMT Squad, Training Team
  • Offense: Fire Team Alpha, Close Assault Squad
  • Resistance: Scouting Party, Gadgeteers
  • Tech: Corps of Engineering, The Think Tank

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