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XP or Experience points refer to a variety of resources that can be used to upgrade Heroes and Defenders, Survivors, and Weapon and Trap schematics, or signal the player's progression through the game.

Obtaining XP[edit | edit source]

XP can frequently be earned from Mission rewards, Quests, and from Loot Llamas. They may also be obtained through retiring Heroes, Defenders, or Survivors, and Recycling Schematics.

Types of XP[edit | edit source]

  • Hero XP is used to level up Heroes and Defenders.
  • Survivor XP is used to level up Lead Survivors and Subordinates.
  • Schematic XP is used to level up Weapon Schematics and Trap Schematics.
  • Commander XP is not used to upgrade anything directly, but instead increases the player's Commander Level, which grants Skill points icon.pngSkill Points that are used to progress through the Skill Trees. Commander Level is hidden to the player and has a cap of maximum 310. When this cap is reached, the player will not earn any more Skill Points.