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In the gameplay menu, players can send Heroes on Expeditions to find resources. To unlock the expedition menu, the corresponding Skill Tree nodes must be unlocked.

There are three categories of expeditions: Land, Sea, and Air expeditions. For each category, several expedition opportunities of varying difficulty ratings will be available. The amount of People required for each expedition varies with difficulty.

Slots can be unlocked on each vehicle, as well as additional vehicles in each category, using the Research and Skill trees. Additional slots allow for additional heroes to be sent on an expedition. As new slots are unlocked, more expeditions become available.

Expeditions usually require research points and/or People in order to be completed.

When selecting heroes for an expedition, most missions offer a boost to certain hero classes. In later expeditions, heroes of at least a certain rarity must be used in order to get the boost.

In addition to various material caches, survivors can also be obtained by doing expeditions. The more difficult a mission is, the more likely to receive higher rarity items and survivors.

Expeditions will automatically complete after a set period of time. Heroes may not be used while they are on an expedition, but an expedition may be cancelled at any time. On occasion, expeditions of a higher rarity may appear with higher difficulty and higher rewards.