Eliminate and Collect

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Eliminate And Collect is a mission where players must kill husks, collect samples and watch out for the storm. The Mission takes 10 minutes to complete. When husks spawn, their sole purpose is to attack players.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Patch 8.30 (April 10, 2019)
Missions + System
  • Eliminate and Collect is now in the normal mission rotation and no longer a Beta Storm.
    • Added 3 new possible bonus objectives.
      • Sniper Eliminations
      • Melee Eliminatios
      • Trap Eliminations
    • Random encounters now start sooner and have less time between them.
    • Once the storm reaches its smallest point the encounters become much stronger.
    • Increased the required sample count objective:
      • Stonewood - Unchanged
      • Plankerton - From 15 to 20
      • Canny Valley - From 15 to 25
      • Twine Peaks - From 15 to 30

Patch 8.00 (Febuary 27, 2019)

Missions + System
  • New Beta Storm Mission: Eliminate and Collect!
    • Jump into a new, 10 minute mission with the storm closing in fast!
    • Eliminate husks and collect husk data, the more you eliminate the better rewards.
    • Complete randomized bonus objectives each time you play.
    • Beta Storm Mission Alerts will reward Spring Tickets and either Hero, Schematic, or Survivor XP
    • Mission Alert Quota will be 5 every 24 hours. This will not share a quota with the other Alerts

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This Mission was originally a Beta storm Limited Time Mission