Drift Challenges

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Drift Challenges is an exclusive Season 5 set of challenge for Battle Pass holders. Achieving certain amounts of XP will unlock Rift Edge and a number of additional styles for the Drift outfit. Unlike the Omega and Carbide challenges, the Drift challenges can be completed even after the season end.

Challenges & Rewards[edit | edit source]

Challenge Reward
T UI ChallengeTile Drift.png Complete any 4 Drift challenges RiftEdgeHarvestingTool.png

Rift Edge Harvesting Tool

Gain Season xp icon.png 10,000 XP DriftProgressiveStage1.png

Drift Stage 1

Gain Season xp icon.png 25,000 XP DriftProgressiveStage2.png

Drift Stage 2

Gain Season xp icon.png 50,000 XP DriftProgressiveStage3.png

Drift Stage 3

Gain Season xp icon.png 100,000 XP DriftProgressiveStage4.png

Drift Stage 4

Gain Season xp icon.png 200,000 XP DriftProgressiveStage5.png

Drift Stage 5