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Curious survivor male 1.png
Voice Actor Damien Haas

A character which appears mostly in quest dialogues. Dennis appears to be between the ages of 15 and 17 as he is a rather clueless teenager who seems to be on the older side. Dennis worked at Durrr Burger prior to the storm. He reunited with his girlfriend, Summer, during Season 3's Love Storm, and since then has seeming stayed with her. However, in the Long Road Home questline, he is said to have a child, Dennis Jr. with Sarah. Dennis is often clueless about missions and even dies failing to fight a few husks in the future, but he is capable of leading missions and creating semi-sentient robots, even when he is called stupid.

In the Impostor questline, he gains an evil clone created by the Storm, simply named Impostor Dennis. At the same time, he is training to become a hero.

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