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In the Battle Royale and Creative modes, any player who does not have any outfits available to equip in their locker will automatically play as any of eight characters from the Save the World mode. The player has no control over which of those characters they play as when using this default outfit, which is determined at random at the start of each play session.

Possible Characters[edit | edit source]

The eight characters that one may play as in each session while using default outfits are all from the Soldier class in the Save the World mode, with four characters from either gender. The four male characters are Hawk, Jonesy, Renegade and Spitfire, and the four female characters are Banshee, Headhunter, Ramirez and Wildcat. The characters are all dressed in typical military tactical gear and do not look extraordinary.

History[edit | edit source]

As seen in the Battle Royale launch trailer, the default outfit characters were the first available skins in the Battle Royale mode when it was first launched in the fall of 2017, and have been available to all players ever since. As the game took a life of its own, players were able to unlock alternate outfits, typically by spending V-Bucks that are easily earned in Save the World. While these outfits do not provide any known advantages, players who could not afford to earn them due to the Save the World mode being restricted to early access testers at this time had to play solely with the default outfits, and were derisively referred to as defaults for their inability to unlock alternate outfits and their perceived social/economic ineptitude.