Darting Through Danger (loading screen)

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Darting Through Danger
The shiniest treasure is always protected by the most traps.
Rarity Uncommon
Type Loading Screen
Source Discovery Challenges
Set Discovery

Darting Through Danger is a Loading Screen in Battle Royale that can be obtained as a Discovery Challenges reward for completing three sets of Weekly Challenges in Battle Pass Season 8. The image shows Sidewinder, who appears to be in Sunny Steps or a temple with the same designs as it. She is holding the Cobra back bling is her hands as she is running past several poison darts that are launching out of the new Poison Dart Traps. Under Sidewinder's right elbow is a little image of a temple on the island. In the image is a secret Battle Star. After earning Darting Through Danger, the Battle Star is now available to collect in game. Collecting the battle star will reward a free tier for the Season 8 Battle Pass or 1,000 XP if you already unlocked all tiers for the Battle Pass.

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