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A photo of the CUBE from the final Road Trip Challenge.

The CUBE (also referred to as the Six-Sided Mystery, now officially named Kevin (or 'lil Kev) was an unknown phenomenon during Season 5 and Season 6. It was created by the Rift on August 24th, 2018, on the area where the continuous lightning strikes from the Rift have been destroying cacti placed in a circular formation on top of a hill, at coordinates H9. Being near the CUBE granted players 1 shield point every 2 seconds.

The CUBE knocked back the player when touched, and struck the player with lightning bolts when shot, which caused 30 damage, disregarding any shields. Getting eliminated by the CUBE’s lightning bolts or dying to fall damage from its knockback showed a message in the Kill Feed that says "(Player) got too close to [rapidly flashing CUBE symbols]". Any dynamic entity, including players, Shopping Carts, ATKs, and Quadcrashers could be knocked back by touching the CUBE. The CUBE also destroyed many map objects and could eliminate players if they were under the CUBE when it rolled. The CUBE did not block fall damage if landed on, despite its bounciness.

CUBE Movement[edit | edit source]

Shortly after its creation, the CUBE started to move by rolling, on various intervals. Every so often, the CUBE stopped on a certain point on the map, created a large anti-gravity field that gave a similar effect to Hop Rocks, and begun to "imprint" a rune on the ground. The CUBE printed seven different runes on the map, each taking 24 hours to complete.

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Battle Royale Map Cube 5.40.png
CUBE Movement

After printing 7 runes, the CUBE made its way towards Loot Lake, but not before going through Tilted Towers and destroying half of its newly completed building. Finally, when it rolled into the lake on September 19, 2018 at 4 P.M. EST, the CUBE dissolved into the lake, thus making the water surface in the lake bouncy, exactly like the CUBE. Shooting at the lake didn't cause lightning bolts to hit you, and you couldn't get shields from it anymore.

The CUBE was floating under the destroyed Floating Island during the Fortnitemares (2018) event. The CUBE acted like it did before falling into the lake, but it no longer gave shields to players.

Floating Island[edit | edit source]

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At the start of Season 6, the CUBE attached itself to the island at Loot Lake and started to float away to the runes. It went to the runes and absorbed their power. It eventually brought all of the runes together to absorb their power. Later on, the Floating Island went back to Leaky Lake to create a Portal in the sky.

Post-Floating Island[edit | edit source]

At the start of Fortnitemares (2018), the CUBE gave off a small explosion, causing the Floating Island to break into 3 big pieces and 3 smaller ones leaving the CUBE exposed. Soon after, the CUBE started to develop cracks. Eventually, the cracks became bigger and slowly losing its energy and it started to appear to 'burn' and is dripping a purple substance into Loot Lake - later Leaky Lake. At 1 P.M., on November 4th, it spun rapidly and exploded, taking every player on the map into a strange dimension, where a rift butterfly appeared, taking the players back to the Fortnite island, and Loot/Leaky Lake is now a peaceful meadow-like area. The CUBE now stands broken as a Stonehenge-like structure on the middle island of the lake.