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CUBE (also being referred as a six-sided mystery) is an unknown phenomenon in Season 5 and in Season 6. It spawned on August 25th on the area where the continuous lightning strikes have taken place destroying the formation of each cactus at H9. Standing nearby the cube regenerates player's shield every 2 seconds and displays glowing runes on the border part of the screen.

The CUBE knocks back the player when touched or hit with a pickaxe, and strikes static shock when shot with a gun which causes 30 HP damage disregarding any shield points. Under certain circumstances, getting eliminated by the cube’s lightning bolts or large knockback impulses will show a message in the Kill Feed that says ‘(Player) got too close to [rapidly flashing glyph symbols]’. Any dynamic entity including players, shopping carts and ATKs can be knocked away by touch. The cube can also destroy a map object and can kill a player if blocked while it rolls. The cube does not block fall damage if landed upon despite its bouncing properties.

CUBE Movement[edit | edit source]

Shortly after arriving, the cube started to move by flipping over on itself in various intervals. Every so often, the cube halts in a certain point on the map, creates a large anti-gravity dome that gives off a similar effect to Hop Rocks, and begins to ‘imprint’ a burning rune on the ground. The cube printed seven runes on the map.

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Battle Royale Map Cube 5.40.png
Cube Movement

After printing 7 runes, the CUBE made its way towards Loot Lake, but not before going through Tilted Towers and destroying half of its newly completed building. Finally, when it rolled into the lake on September 19, 2018 at 4 P.M. EST, the CUBE started to dissolve into the lake, thus creating all water surfaces in the lake bouncy exactly like the CUBE. Shooting at the lake didn’t reflect bullets anymore, nor did gaining 1 Shield Point per 2 seconds happened anymore.

Currently, the CUBE is attached to the bottom of the Floating Island, and travels to the imprinted runes in the corrupted areas. The CUBE acts like how it did before falling into the lake, but it no longer gives shields to players.

Floating Island[edit | edit source]

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