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Combat mode interface
Build mode interface
Key Function
Main Controls
LMB Swing (melee), fire (ranged)
RMB Heavy attack (melee), target/focus (ranged)
R Reload, hold to craft ammo
Q Switch between combat mode and build mode
Space Jump
Shift Sprint
MTab Open map
I Open inventory
E Use/interact with object
1 Select pickaxe
234 Select weapon slot
56 Activate Gadgets
ZXC Activate Abilities
LMB Build
RMB Switch building material
R Rotate building piece
F1 Wall mode
F2 Floor mode
F3 Stair mode
F4 Pyramid mode
F5 Trap mode
T Select trap
F Upgrade building piece/Repair damaged building piece
G Edit building piece
Enter Chat
B Quick chat message
N Create note/waypoint

Visual map[edit | edit source]

Visual map of Fortnite keyboard controls. Click on the image for a clearer view.
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