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The Constructor is one of the four playable Hero Classes available in Fortnite. With their bonuses to building speed, repair speed, and building health, they are highly specialized for building forts efficiently and effectively. In addition, their B.a.s.e. icon.png B.A.S.E. ability gives their forts an additional layer of defense, while their Bull Rush Bull Rush ability allows them to push crowds of Husks away from their fort. Within combat situations, they are granted a higher base Health and Shield, allowing them to safely use their crowd control ability.

The skills in the Constructor's skill tree focus around improving Fortitude, Resistance, Building health, Building and repair speed, and unlocking Building upgrades, which allow you to reinforce your structures with more materials to grant them more health. The skill tree also involves unlocking Evolution for Traps, Clubs, and Hardware type weapons.

Sub-classes[edit | edit source]

The Constructor Hero Class has 18 standard sub-classes, each with their own unique perks and bonuses.

Characters[edit | edit source]

In addition to sub-classes, Constructors have 10 different character models that are usually tied to a particular sub-class. It is common, however, for events to release re-skins for sub-classes using characters not usually associated with the sub-class. For example, the character Penny is primarily associated with the Tank and Electro-pulse sub-classes, however the Fortnitemares 2017 event released a themed version of Penny with the sub-class Hotfixer.

The current Constructor characters are:

Traits[edit | edit source]

Each Hero has a set of Traits that are gradually unlocked as the hero is Upgraded. These include activatable Abilities, passive Hero Perks, and Squad Bonuses that apply when a hero is slotted into the respective slot in the Hero tab.

The following is a list of all traits from the Constructor class. To view a Sub Class' specific trait tree, see its individual page above.



Squad Bonuses

When slotted into one of the Squad Bonus slots in the Hero tab, a hero's Squad Bonuses are applied to the player's primary hero as a passive perk. A Hero has either a Support Bonus, a Tactical Bonus, or both, which are shown in their respective slots on the Hero screen.

Support Bonuses

Tactical Bonuses

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

1.2 Patch Notes (July 20, 2017 )
  • Fixed an issue where the Constructor would become stuck if knocked back when executing the Bull Rush move