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Commander XP is a special type of XP applied to the Commander, i.e. the player themself. These are exclusively gained through completing Missions. The amount of experience gained is primarily dependent on your individual Homebase power level (NOT your team) in relation to the mission power level. That difference is indicated by the color of the icon on the map. Gaining Commander XP rewards you with Skill points icon.pngSkill Points, used to progress through the Skill Trees. Commander XP level is capped at 310.

Boosts[edit | edit source]

XP Boosts and Teammate XP Boosts can rarely be acquired from Loot Llamas and are included when purchasing Founder's Packs. When activated, they grant you and/or your teammates a percentage of bonus Commander XP when completing missions. Activating several XP Boosts will stack the effects additively. You have a Boosted XP rate and a Boosted XP pool. The Boosted XP rate determines how much boost you get over and above the normal XP you receive from the mission. The extra XP is taken from the pool until the pool is exhausted, when the boost expires.

For example:

  1. You activate a boost with a rate of +30% and a pool of 1,000 XP
  2. You complete a mission that grants you 1,000 normal XP
  3. The boost grants you +300 XP for a total of 1,300 XP for the mission
  4. Your pool goes down by 300 XP, resulting in your pool having only 700 XP left
  5. You activate another boost with a rate of +30% and a pool of 1,000 XP
  6. You now have a boost active with a rate of +30% and a pool of 1,700 XP

So, you're not wasting a boost by activating it "early". As a matter of fact, you could be missing out on some XP by not activating it soon enough. For example:

  1. You have a boost active of +30% but a pool of only 50 XP left
  2. You complete a mission that grants you 1,000 normal XP
  3. It would normally grant you +300 XP, but since you only have 50 left in the pool you only get +50 XP for a total of 1,050 XP for the mission. If you had activated another boost before this mission, you would have gotten the whole 1,300 XP.

Daily XP Bonus[edit | edit source]

Daily XP Bonus mechanically works the same as XP Boosts with a boost rate and a boost pool, but it uses a separate pool from XP Boosts. It is gradually accumulated while not playing missions.