Chug Splash

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Chug Splash
Category Battle Royale Items
Introduced Patch 9.30
Vaulted Patch 11.0

Chug Splash is a Rare consumable healing item in Battle Royale. It can be thrown, unlike other healing consumables. When thrown at anyone within the splash radius, they will get 20 health (If health is full, 20 shield will be granted instead), and can even grant extra tenacity to players who were Downed But Not Out. Chug Splash drops in stacks of 2, with a maximum stack size of 6 Chug Splashes. Chug Splash can be found from Chests, Floor Loot, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Supply Llamas.

Chug Splash has been now vaulted in Patch 11.0, replaced by Bandage Bazooka.

They can be dropped by zombies in the Storm King LTM.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Chug Splash
Time to Use Instantly
Total Healing 20
Total Restoration 20
Max. Stack 6

Availability[edit | edit source]

Chug Splash has a chance to appear among other utility items and consumables per loot sources in the following circumstances[1]

Chug Splash has a chance to appear among all utility items and consumables in the following circumstances:

Changes[edit | edit source]

Patch 9.30 (June 18th, 2019)

What's New?

  • Chug Splash
    • Refresh yourself and allies with this tasty new beverage.

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