Children Of The Brood (loading screen)

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Children Of The Brood
Hatchlings born in a cauldron of fire.
Rarity Uncommon
Type Loading Screen
Source Discovery Challenges
Set Discovery

Children of the Brood is a Loading Screen in Battle Royale that can be obtained as a Discovery Challenges reward for completing two sets of Weekly Challenges in Battle Pass Season 8. The image shows three Hybrid outfits flying upwards inside of the new Volcano POI. One is in the stage 1 style and red clothing. A second is in the stage 2 style, green dragon color, and blue clothing. The third is in the stage 3 style, grey dragon color, and black clothing. Below them is a throne area and next to the throne is The Prisoner in his Stage 4 style. On both sides of the throne are broken eggs where the Hybrid outfit came from. Above the eggs to the left of the throne is a secret banner. After earning Children Of The Brood, the banner is now available to collect in game. Collecting the banner will reward a free banner that can be equipped in the locker.

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