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Season 5 of Chapter 2, also known as Season 15 of Battle Royale, started on December 2nd, 2020 and will end on March 15th, 2021. The season started after a long downtime upon the conclusion of The Devourer Of Worlds Event, which took place on December 1st, 2020 at 4:10 pm EST. The season's story revolves around Agent Jonesy recruiting bounty hunters from various realities, to prevent anyone from escaping the Loop through the recently exposed Zero Point.

The Battle Pass tab is now like it was originally was in Chapter 2 Season 1, replacing the Helicarrier Battle Pass tab. The challenges table are now on the lobby screen instead of inside the Battle Pass tab.

Teasers and Hints[edit | edit source]

Starting from December 1st, Epic Games started releasing teasers for the season:

Extra Teasers[edit | edit source]

Teaser Analysis[edit | edit source]

  • The 1st teaser suggests that, with extra details from the other teasers, that Agent Jonesy is hunting down and recruiting characters from other realities from the Zero Point, which was damaged after The Devourer Of Worlds Event.
  • The 2nd teaser talks about a shapeshifter, which can turn into three different forms: a shark, a harpy (half-human, half-bird), and a unconfirmed form. She was called Mave, who had bird wings for a glider, a reactive style that turns her bottom half into a shark, and a reactive style that transforms her hair into snakes suggesting her third form is a form similar to Medusa whose eyes can turn others to stone.
  • The 3rd teaser talks about a spirit that has the ability to grant wishes of revenge. He was called Kondor, who has a built-in emote that transforms him from a faceless creature into a masked warrior through the power of souls.
  • The 4th teaser talks about a intense, strong warrior, that at the time of the log, is in some sort of arena from the sound of it. This is Menace, a warrior who has never been defeated, and has several styles that fit the idea.
  • The 5th teaser talks about a space bounty hunter, that is unstoppable. This is the Mandalorian from Star Wars. The weapon described is the Amban Sniper Rifle.
    • The confirmation code was "#Unstoppable" at one point, but was changed to "#Laser".
  • The 6th teaser talks about a "killer breakfast". This is Mancake, the creature made of pancakes.
  • The 7th and final main teaser talks about a someone who looks friendly, but has an ugly side. She was called Lexa a different cell shaded character who has a built-in emote that transforms her into what she calls a Mechafusion.
  • The 8th teaser is the first extra teaser about a hunter outside the battle pass. The recording talks about someone who has defeated several gods in rage. This is the god of war, Kratos.
  • The 9th teaser talks about a group of people who were quickly convinced to leave their reality. This is Michonne and Daryl Dixon of the Walking Dead reality.

Battle Pass[edit | edit source]

The Battle Pass for Season 5 costs 950 V-Bucks, and is a way to earn exclusive rewards during the season by earning XP and increasing your level. The rewards included in the Battle Pass include: Outfits, Gliders, Wraps, Harvesting Tools, Back Blings, Emotes, Sprays, Contrails, Music, Loading Screens and more.

Fortnite Crew[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fortnite Crew

Starting on December 2nd with Season 5, players will be able to buy the Fortnite Crew subscription for $11.99 USD a month. The subscription includes access to the current battle pass, 1,000 V-Bucks per month, and monthly sets that are exclusive to the subscription only. For the first month, the Galaxia outfit will be the first of many monthly outfits to be included for the first month, including the Fractured World back bling, and Cosmic Llamacorn harvesting tool.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quests are a brand new form of challenges this season. There are different types of quests, based off of their rarity. The Beskar Quest is one of the quests included, which rewards several styles for the Mandalorian.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievements are back in Chapter 2 Season 5. Instead of being colored red, it is colored purple. Several of the Achievements are similar, but there are new additions earned through the season's new mechanics, items, and cosmetics.

Cosmetics[edit | edit source]

Various thematic sets including Cosmetic Skins, Harvesting Tools, Emotes and Gliders are also to be released during Chapter 2 Season 5 as part of the item shop components on daily rotation basis and Battle Pass rewards.

Image Name Rarity Type Cost Release Date
Image Name Rarity Type Cost Release Date
TheGrefg - Outfit - (Temp) - Fortnite.png TheGrefg Icon Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1500 V-Bucks 2021-01-16
Balls of Power - Back Bling - Fortnite.png Balls of Power Icon Back Bling V-bucks icon.png 1500 V-Bucks 2021-01-16
Members Only.png Members Only Rare Emote 2021-01-14
T-FNBR-BattlePassChallenge-L.png Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 7 Epic Quests Legendary Set of Challenges 2021-01-14
T-Banners-Icons-S15-Nightmare-L.png Predator Uncommon Banner 2021-01-13
T-FNBR-BattlePassChallenge-L.png Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 6 Epic Quests Legendary Set of Challenges 2021-01-07
Hedron.png Hedron Epic Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1500 V-Bucks 2021-01-06
EdgeCase.png Edge Case Epic Back Bling V-bucks icon.png 1500 V-Bucks 2021-01-06
T-AthenaBundles-StarsBundle.png Edge Factor Epic Bundle V-bucks icon.png 2300 V-Bucks 2021-01-06
T-Icon-Emotes-E-LetsBegin-L.png Don't Start Now Rare Emote V-bucks icon.png 500 V-Bucks 2021-01-02
T-Soldier-HID-985-Athena-Commando-M-TipToe-L.png Green Arrow DC Outfit 2021-01-01
BoxingGloveArrow.png Boxing Glove Arrow DC Harvesting Tool 2021-01-01
TacticalQuiver.png Tactical Quiver DC Back Bling 2021-01-01
Green Arrow Bundle.png January 2021 Crew Pack DC Crew Pack 2021-01-01
T-FNBR-BattlePassChallenge-L.png Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 5 Epic Quests Legendary Set of Challenges 2020-12-31
Mashed Potato.png Mashed Potato Rare Emote 2020-12-31
T-AthenaBundles-NeonBundle.png Gleam Team Epic Bundle V-bucks icon.png 2500 V-Bucks 2020-12-30
Confetti.png Confetti Rare Wrap 2020-12-30
T-Soldier-HID-972-Athena-Commando-F-ArcticCamoWoods-L.png Frost Squad Rare Outfit 2020-12-29
T-Emote-Icons-Season15-S15-Holidays2020.png Fish Fest Uncommon Emoticon 2020-12-29
T-Icon-Emotes-E-HNYGoodRiddance-L.png Out With The Old Uncommon Emote V-bucks icon.png 200 V-Bucks 2020-12-28
T-T-Sprays-Season15-PreviewImages-S15-Holiday2-L.png Merry Fishmas Uncommon Spray 2020-12-27
T LS S15 Holiday1 L.png Merry Marauding Uncommon Loading Screen 2020-12-26
T-Soldier-HID-969-Athena-Commando-M-SnowmanFashion-L.png Snowmando Epic Outfit 2020-12-25
T-Icon-Emotes-E-Feral-L.png Savage Rare Emote V-bucks icon.png 500 V-Bucks 2020-12-25
Snowheart.png Snowheart Frozen Outfit V-bucks icon.png 2500 V-Bucks 2020-12-24
SnowDrift.png Snow Drift Frozen Outfit V-bucks icon.png 2500 V-Bucks 2020-12-24
T-Featured RMT FrostyLegends.png Frost Legends Pack Frozen Bundle V-bucks icon.png 2500 V-Bucks 2020-12-24
T-FNBR-BattlePassChallenge-L.png Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 4 Epic Quests Legendary Set of Challenges 2020-12-24
T-Icon-Trails-FX-GeoStorm-L.png Bright Box Rare Contrail 2020-12-24
FrostBroker.png Frost Broker Frozen Outfit V-bucks icon.png 2500 V-Bucks 2020-12-24
T-Emote-Icons-Season15-S15-Holiday3.png GG Fresh Uncommon Emoticon 2020-12-24
T-Soldier-HID-980-Athena-Commando-F-Elf-L.png Snowbell Rare Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1200 V-Bucks 2020-12-23
Cheery Chime.png Cheery Chime Rare Back Bling 2020-12-23
T-Icon Glider-ArcticCamoWoodsGlider-L.png Winter Wing Uncommon Glider 2020-12-23
T-Soldier-HID-974-Athena-Commando-F-StreetFashionHoliday-L.png Holly Striker Rare Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1200 V-Bucks 2020-12-22
T-Soldier-HID-979-Athena-Commando-M-Snowboarder-L.png Karve Rare Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1200 V-Bucks 2020-12-22
T-Emote-Icons-Season15-S15-Holiday2.png Snowblaster Uncommon Emoticon 2020-12-22
T-Soldier-HID-986-Athena-Commando-M-PlumRetro-L.png Black Panther Marvel Outfit 2020-12-21
T-T Music PreviewImages Season15-T-T-Music-Season15-S15-FortniteCarolling-L.png Frosty Serenade Rare Music V-bucks icon.png 200 V-Bucks 2020-12-21
T-AthenaBundles-PlumCherry.png Marvel: Royalty & Warriors Pack Marvel Bundle 2020-12-21
T UI ChallengeTile AmazingForever.png Wakanda Forever Quests Marvel Set of Challenges 2020-12-21
T-Soldier-HID-988-Athena-Commando-M-Tiramisu-L.png Taskmaster Marvel Outfit 2020-12-21
T-Soldier-HID-975-Athena-Commando-F-Cherry-L.png Captain Marvel Marvel Outfit 2020-12-21
T-Icon-Emotes-E-AmazingForever-L.png Wakandan Salute Marvel Emote 2020-12-21
FrostyVisions.png Frosty Visions Rare Wrap V-bucks icon.png 500 V-Bucks 2020-12-21
T-Icon Glider-PlumGlider-L.png Wakandan Skyrider Marvel Rideable Glider 2020-12-21
T-Icon-Backpacks-682-CherryFemale-L.png Kree Backplate Marvel Back Bling 2020-12-21
T-Icon-Backpacks-685-PlumRetro-L.png King's Cowl Marvel Back Bling 2020-12-21
T-Icon-Backpacks-686-TiramisuMale-L.png Mimic's Shield Marvel Back Bling 2020-12-21
T-Icon-Pickaxes-TiramisuPickaxe-L.png Copycat's Sword Marvel Harvesting Tool 2020-12-21
T-Icon-Pickaxes-CherryPickaxe-L.png Alpha Staff Marvel Harvesting Tool 2020-12-21
T-Icon-Pickaxes-PlumPickaxe-t-L.png Vibranium Daggers Marvel Dual-Wielded Harvesting Tool 2020-12-21
T-Icon Glider-CherryGlider-L.png Power Of Mar-Vell Marvel Glider 2020-12-21
T-T Music PreviewImages Season15-T-T-Music-Season15-S15-Bollywood-album-art-L.png Click Pow Get Down Rare Music V-bucks icon.png 200 V-Bucks 2020-12-20
T-Soldier-HID-981-Athena-Commando-M-JonesyHoliday-L.png Cozy Jonesy Uncommon Outfit V-bucks icon.png 800 V-Bucks 2020-12-20
T-Soldier-HID-984-Athena-Commando-M-HolidayLights-L.png Blinky Rare Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1200 V-Bucks 2020-12-20
T-Icon Glider-HolidayLightsGlider-L.png Winter's Wish Uncommon Glider V-bucks icon.png 500 V-Bucks 2020-12-20
SnowSteel.png Snow Steel Uncommon Wrap 2020-12-20
T-T-Sprays-Season14-PreviewImages-S14-Peely-Bhangra-L.png Nana Dance Uncommon Spray 2020-12-20
T-T-Sprays-Season15-PreviewImages-S15-Snowmmando-L.png Snow Strike Uncommon Spray 2020-12-19
T UI ChallengeTile OpSnowdown.png Operation Snowdown Quests Legendary Set of Challenges 2020-12-18
Indigo Kuno Outfit Icon.png Indigo Kuno Epic Outfit 2020-12-18
T-Soldier-HID-978-Athena-Commando-M-FancyCandy-L.png Mr. Dappermint Rare Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1200 V-Bucks 2020-12-18
T-Icon Glider-FancyCandyGlider-L.png Candy Plane Uncommon Glider V-bucks icon.png 500 V-Bucks 2020-12-18
FrostInAction.png Frost In Action Uncommon Loading Screen 2020-12-18
T-T Music PreviewImages Season15-T-T-Music-Season15-S15-RL2-PromoTrack-L.png Flip Reset Rare Music 2020-12-17
T-FNBR-BattlePassChallenge-L.png Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 3 Epic Quests Legendary Set of Challenges 2020-12-17
Michonne.png Michonne Epic Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1800 V-Bucks 2020-12-16
Daryl Dixon.png Daryl Dixon Epic Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1800 V-Bucks 2020-12-16
Cloud Striker Outfit Icon.png Cloud Striker Epic Outfit 2020-12-16
Michonne's Katana Epic Harvesting Tool 2020-12-16
Michonne's Katana Epic Back bling 2020-12-16
Hunting Quiver Epic Back Bling 2020-12-16
Daryl's Knives Epic Harvesting Tool 2020-12-16
Survivors in Arms Bundle.png Survivors in Arms Bundle Epic Bundle V-bucks icon.png 2600 V-Bucks 2020-12-16
PSCP12.png Playstation Plus Celebration Pack 12 Epic Playstation Plus Celebration Pack 2020-12-16
T-Icon-Backpacks-644-StreetFashionDiamond-L.png Elevation Epic Back Bling 2020-12-16
T-T Music PreviewImages Season15-T-T-Music-Season15-S15-HolidayEuroDiscoRemix-L.png Merry Mix Rare Music 2020-12-15
T UI ChallengeTile SpyWithin.png The Spy Within Quests Legendary Set of Challenges 2020-12-15
T-Icon Glider-FestiveGoldGlider-L.png Jingle Wing Uncommon Glider 2020-12-15
T-Icon Glider-SnowGlobeMintGlider-L.png Tree Topper Uncommon Glider V-bucks icon.png 500 V-Bucks 2020-12-15
PartyFavor.png Party Favor Uncommon Emote V-bucks icon.png 300 V-Bucks 2020-12-15
T-Wraps-CosmicPulseWrap-L.png Nebulaic Rare Wrap 2020-12-15
T-T Music PreviewImages Season14-T-T-Music-Season14-S14-Keyed-Up-album-L.png Key Change Rare Music 2020-12-14
T-Emote-Icons-Season14-S14-Reboot-A-Friend.png Reboot Uncommon Emoticon 2020-12-14
RebootAFriend.png Reboot a Friend Challenges 2020-12-14
Holofoil Wrap.png Holofoil Rare Wrap 2020-12-14
T-Soldier-HID-968-Athena-Commando-M-TeriyakiFishElf-L.png Fa-La-La-La-Fishstick Rare Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1200 V-Bucks 2020-12-12
T-T-Sprays-Season15-PreviewImages-S15-Skull-Santa-L.png Sleigh Ride Uncommon Spray 2020-12-12
T-Soldier-HID-970-Athena-Commando-F-RenegadeRaiderHoliday-L.png Gingerbread Raider Rare Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1200 V-Bucks 2020-12-11
T-T Music PreviewImages Season15-T-T-Music-Season15-S15-OldSchool-album-art-L.png Old School Anthem Rare Music 2020-12-10
T-FNBR-BattlePassChallenge-L.png Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 2 Epic Quests Legendary Set of Challenges 2020-12-10
T-AthenaBundles-Featured-Jupiter.png Master Chief Bundle GamingLegends Bundle V-bucks icon.png 2600 V-Bucks 2020-12-10
T-Icon-Emotes-E-Jupiter-L.png Lil' Warthog GamingLegends Emote V-bucks icon.png 500 V-Bucks 2020-12-10
T-Icon Glider-JupiterGlider-L.png UNSC Pelican GamingLegends Glider V-bucks icon.png 1200 V-Bucks 2020-12-10
T-Soldier-HID-971-Athena-Commando-M-Jupiter-L.png Master Chief GamingLegends Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1500 V-Bucks 2020-12-10
T-Icon-Emotes-E-SingAlong-L.png Sing Along Uncommon Emote V-bucks icon.png 0 V-Bucks 2020-12-09
T-AthenaSoldiers-CID-Athena-IceRaider Bling.png The Diamond Diva Pack Rare Starter Pack 2020-12-08
T-Soldier-HID-936-Athena-Commando-F-RaiderSilver-L.png Diamond Diva Rare Outfit 2020-12-08
T-Icon-Backpacks-652-RaiderSilverFemale-L.png Shine Pack Rare Back Bling 2020-12-08
T-AthenaBundles-Athena-Commando-M-MaleGarageBand.png Pizo's Locker Bundle Epic Bundle V-bucks icon.png 2100 V-Bucks 2020-12-07
T-AthenaBundles-Featured-Historian 1.png Kratos Bundle GamingLegends Bundle V-bucks icon.png 2200 V-Bucks 2020-12-03
T-Icon-Emotes-E-Historian-L.png Freezing Burst GamingLegends Built-In Emote V-bucks icon.png 1000 V-Bucks 2020-12-03
T-Icon Glider-HistorianGlider-L.png Guardian Shield GamingLegends Glider V-bucks icon.png 800 V-Bucks 2020-12-03
LeviathanAxe.png Leviathan Axe GamingLegends Harvesting Tool V-bucks icon.png 1000 V-Bucks 2020-12-03
Mimir.png Mimir GamingLegends Back Bling V-bucks icon.png 1500 V-Bucks 2020-12-03
Icon kratos.png Kratos GamingLegends Outfit V-bucks icon.png 1500 V-Bucks 2020-12-03
T-Icon-Emotes-E-FutureSamurai-L.png Vengeful Wish Epic Built-In Emote 2020-12-02
MancakeIcon.png Mancake Epic Outfit 2020-12-02
T-Soldier-HID-966-Athena-Commando-M-FutureSamurai-L.png Kondor Epic Outfit 2020-12-02
T-Banners-Icons-S15-SpaceFighter-L.png Reese Uncommon Banner 2020-12-02
T-Banners-Icons-S15-Shapeshifter-L.png Wildheart Buckler Uncommon Banner 2020-12-02
T-Banners-Icons-S15-FutureSamurai-L.png Oath & Sorrow Uncommon Banner 2020-12-02
T-Banners-Icons-S15-FlapjackWrangler-L.png Mancake Uncommon Banner 2020-12-02
T-Banners-Icons-S15-CosmosC-L.png Mudhorn StarWars Banner 2020-12-02
T-Banners-Icons-S15-CosmosB-L.png Skull StarWars Banner 2020-12-02
T-Banners-Icons-S15-CosmosA-L.png Mandalorian StarWars Banner 2020-12-02
T-Banners-Icons-S15-AncientGladiator-L.png Menace Uncommon Banner 2020-12-02
T-T Music PreviewImages Season15-T-T-Music-Season15-S15-StarPowerRemix2-album-art-L.png Star Power Remix Rare Music 2020-12-02
T-T Music PreviewImages Season15-T-T-Music-Season15-S15-Season14Event-album-art-L.png Rise Of The Devourer Marvel Music 2020-12-02
CosmicLlamacorn.png Cosmic Llamacorn Epic Harvesting Tool 2020-12-02
FracturedWorld.png Fractured World Legendary Back Bling 2020-12-02
T-Soldier-HID-961-Athena-Commando-F-Shapeshifter-L.png Mave Epic Outfit 2020-12-02
T-Soldier-HID-967-Athena-Commando-M-AncientGladiator-L.png Menace Legendary Outfit 2020-12-02
ReeseIcon.png Reese Epic Outfit 2020-12-02
Lexa.png Lexa Epic Outfit 2020-12-02
T-FNBR-BattlePassChallenge-L.png Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 1 Epic Quests Legendary Set of Challenges 2020-12-02
T-FNBR-BattlePassChallenge-L.png Chapter 2 Season 5 Rare Quests Rare Set of Challenges 2020-12-02
T UI ChallengeCosmos 512.png Beskar Quests Epic Set of Challenges 2020-12-02
T-T-Sprays-Season15-PreviewImages-T-Sprays-Season15-S15-Cosmos-L.png The Journey StarWars Spray 2020-12-02
T-Emote-Icons-Season15-S15-Cosmos-Child.png The Child StarWars Emoticon 2020-12-02
T-Emote-Icons-Season15-Cosmos-Guns.png Mando StarWars Emoticon 2020-12-02
T LS S15 Cosmos L.png The Gunslinger StarWars Loading Screen 2020-12-02
T-Icon-Emotes-E-Cosmos-L.png Hover Pram Control StarWars Built-In Emote 2020-12-02
RazorCrest.png Razor Crest StarWars Glider 2020-12-02
TheChildPet.png The Child StarWars Pet 2020-12-02
T-Icon Glider-LexaGlider-L.png Hyperboard Epic Rideable Glider 2020-12-02
MandalorianSkin.png Mandalorian StarWars Outfit 2020-12-02
T-AthenaBundles-Eternity.png December 2020 Crew Pack Legendary Crew Pack 2020-12-02
T-Soldier-HID-935-Athena-Commando-F-Eternity-L.png Galaxia Legendary Outfit 2020-12-02
T-Icon Glider-FlapjackWranglerGlider-L.png Flapjack Flyer Rare Glider 2020-12-02
T-Icon Glider-FutureSamuraiGlider-L.png Crimson Wish Rare Glider 2020-12-02
T-Icon Glider-ShapeShifterGlider-L.png Eagle's Form Legendary Glider 2020-12-02
T-Icon Glider-SpaceFighterGlider-L.png Hunter's Skyblade Epic Glider 2020-12-02
Umbrella Season 15.png Bounty 'Brella Common Umbrella 2020-12-02
T-Icon-Trails-FX-Lexa-L.png Target Acquired Rare Contrail 2020-12-02
T-Icon-Trails-FX-FutureSamurai-L.png Soul Fall Rare Contrail 2020-12-02
T-Icon-Trails-FX-Flapjack-Wrangler-L.png Diner Dive Rare Contrail 2020-12-02
T-Icon-Trails-FX-SpaceFighter-L.png Hyperflight Rare Contrail 2020-12-02
T-Icon-Emotes-E-AncientGladiator-L.png A Warrior Prepares Uncommon Emote 2020-12-02
T-Icon-Emotes-E-BoomBox-L.png Boomin' Epic Emote 2020-12-02
T-Icon-Emotes-E-GunspinnerSyrup-L.png Syrup Slinger Rare Built-In Emote 2020-12-02
T-Icon-Emotes-E-Lexa-L.png Hunter Protocol Epic Built-In Emote 2020-12-02
T-Emote-Icons-Season15-S15-AncientGladiator.png Victory Laurels Epic Emoticon 2020-12-02
T-Emote-Icons-Season15-S15-FlapjackWrangler.png Stacks Epic Emoticon 2020-12-02
T-Emote-Icons-Season15-S15-FutureSamurai.png Assassin Unknown Epic Emoticon 2020-12-02
T-Emote-Icons-Season15-S15-Lexa.png Oh No! Epic Emoticon 2020-12-02
T-Emote-Icons-Season15-S15-SpaceFigher.png RGR Epic Emoticon 2020-12-02
T-T-Sprays-Season15-PreviewImages-T-Sprays-Season15-S15-AncientGladiator-L.png Menacing Uncommon Spray 2020-12-02
T-T-Sprays-Season15-PreviewImages-T-Sprays-Season15-S15-Shapeshifter-L.png Unity Uncommon Spray 2020-12-02
T-T-Sprays-Season15-PreviewImages-T-Sprays-Season15-S15-Lexa-L.png Chibi Uncommon Spray 2020-12-02
T-T-Sprays-Season15-PreviewImages-T-Sprays-Season15-S15-FutureSamurai-L.png Wr41th Uncommon Spray 2020-12-02
T-T-Sprays-Season15-PreviewImages-T-Sprays-Season15-S15-FlapjackWrangler-L.png No Witnesses Uncommon Spray 2020-12-02
T-T-Sprays-Season15-PreviewImages-T-Sprays-Season15-S15-SpaceFighter-L.png Dropout Uncommon Spray 2020-12-02
T-Wraps-AncientGladiatorWrap-L.png Lion's Roar Uncommon Wrap 2020-12-02
T-Wraps-LexaWrap-L.png Y-Labs Rare Wrap 2020-12-02
T-Wraps-FutureSamuraiWrap-L.png Vengeful Shadow Rare Wrap 2020-12-02
T-Wraps-ShapeshifterWrap-L.png Wildheart Rare Wrap 2020-12-02
T-Wraps-FlapjackWranglerWrap-L.png Pancake Posse Rare Wrap 2020-12-02
T-Wraps-SpaceFighterWrap-L.png Grav-Fusion Rare Wrap 2020-12-02
MandalorianSkin.png Mandalorian Star Wars Series Outfit 2020-12-02
MandalorianSkin.png Mandalorian Star Wars Outfit 2020-12-02
T LS S15 AncientGladiator L.png Menace Reings Uncommon Loading Screen 2020-12-02
T LS S15 Lexa L.png Let's go, Mechafusion! Uncommon Loading Screen 2020-12-02
T LS S15 FutureSamurai L.png Warrior Spirit Uncommon Loading Screen 2020-12-02
T LS S15 Shapeshifter L.png Wildheart Way Uncommon Loading Screen 2020-12-02
T LS S15 FlapjackWrangler L.png Stack 'Em High Uncommon Loading Screen 2020-12-02
T LS S15 SpaceFighter L.png Exterminator Uncommon Loading Screen 2020-12-02

Weapon and Item Releases[edit | edit source]

15.0 Patch Notes (December 2nd)[edit | edit source]

Added Items

  • Boom Sniper Rifle
    • Exotic rarity.
    • Obtained from Splode at Unremarkable Shack for 600 Bars
    • It's a sniper that shoots clingers.
    • Damage:
      • Direct hit: 10
      • Explosion damage: 60
    • 2.5x Headshot multiplier
    • Magazine size of 5
    • Fire rate of 1
    • 4.1 seconds to reload
  • Dragon's Breath Shotgun
    • Available Epic and Legendary variants
    • Found from Chests, NPCs and Supply Drops.
    • Deals 133/140 damage
    • Magazine size of 4
      • Shoots all 4 shells
    • Reload time of 4.3/4.1 seconds
    • Can set structures on fire.






Item changes


15.1 Patch Notes (December 15th)[edit | edit source]

Added Items

Mancake misplaced his stash of weapons throughout the Island. The new Cowboy Repeater Rifle combines rapid shooting style with dead-eye accuracy. Syr-up!
  • Lever-Action Rifle
    • Sniper rifle that combines Rapid shooting style with dead-eye accuracy.
    • Available in Uncommon, Rare and Epic variants.
    • Available in Chests, Floor loot and Supply Drops.
    • Deals 52/55/58 damage
    • Magazine size of 9
    • Fire rate of 1.25
      • Shoots slightly faster when hip-firing.
    • Reload time of 6.3/6.0/5.7
Save up those bars because the fire-loving Blaze has been equipped with an Exotic-class weapon for sale, the fiery Dragon's Breath Sniper.
To combat the heat, Snowmando will be packing his own chilly armaments: The Snowy Flopper and The Big Chill


Item changes

  • The X-4 Stormwing changes:
    • The X-4 Stormwings now have Fuel
      • Fuel Capacity: 100
    • The camera is further away from the player than it was before.
    • Reduced total amount of health.

15.2 Patch Notes (January 13th)[edit | edit source]

Added Items

Blow 'em away! The new Lever-Action Shotgun is no peashooter - One well-aimed blast is enough to drop even the heartiest foe.
Look out below! Get the drop on your opponents with the new Exotic-class weapon, the Hop Rock Dualies.

Item Changes



Map Changes[edit | edit source]

Map v15.0 (December 2nd)[edit | edit source]

The Zero Point in Season 5

Map v15.1 (December 15th)[edit | edit source]

Map v15.2 (January 13th)[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 5, several content creators were delivered packages holding Agent John Jones' bag seen in the Zero Point trailer. This bag holds several items that are involved in The Storyline as well as hints to future characters to be revealed.
    • There are two sheets of paper in the bag that explain The Plan, which is to gather the greatest hunters across several realities to prevent anyone from escaping the Loop, and that the items in the bag should help track down these hunters. The second sheet is the list, being a cup, sunglasses, hand wraps, a necklace, scratcher, space bananas, cherry blossom tea, an ant farm, wig, candy, face paint, a helmet, mud mask, syrup, tokens, and a baseball bat. Some of these items have been scratched off, indicating they have already been located.
  • Chapter 2 Season 5 is the first season since Season 2 where the map did not get fully covered in snow on Christmas Day, the reason why this didn't happen its unknown.