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This Category Page serves as tracker for page improvement to all pages that needs to be updated due to Patch 8.00.

Hero Abilities[edit | edit source]

Missing 'Abilities' for the following heroes. |ability1= |ability2= |ability3=

  • Bluestreak Ken
  • Commando Ramirez
  • Commando Renegade
  • Guardian Knox
  • Guardian Penny
  • Jade Assassin Sarah
  • Lotus Assassin Ken
  • Lotus Assassin Sarah
  • Power B.A.S.E. Kyle
  • Power B.A.S.E. Penny
  • Recon Scout A.C.
  • Recon Scout Jess
  • Rescue Trooper Havoc
  • Special Forces Jonesy
  • Special Forces Ramirez
  • Sub Commando Jonesy
  • Trailblazer A.C.
  • Trailblazer Jess

Availability Section[edit | edit source]

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