Buccaneer's Bounty Challenges

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Buccaneer's Bounty Challenges are an exclusive set of challenges released during Season 8. The challenges are given to every player, and no specific item is needed to complete the challenges. The challenges rewards consists of two emotes, a glider, a banner, and free XP. These items will no longer be available once the event is over.

Challenges & Rewards

Complete all 4 challenges Boobytrapped.png

Boobytrapped emote

Challenges Rewards
Visit pirate camps in 10 different matches Plunder.png

Plunder glider

Search Buried Treasure PirateParrot.png

Pirate Parrot spray

Place Top 10 in Squads three times with a friend Compass Banner
Shoot Yourself Out of a Pirate Cannon in 5 different matches Season xp icon.png 1,000 XP