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Wick's Bounty

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Wick's Bounty is a LTM that came out with the release of the Wick's Bounty Challenges and the movie: John Wick 3: Parabellum.

Players get to play their character while having ether the John Wick body (male skins), or the Rook skin body (female skins). Peely, Hybrid stages 3 & 4 and The Reaper don't change into the outfits. Player spawn with 3 lives, a rare Combat Shotgun and rare Tactical Assault Rifle. Players must kill opponents to get gold coins. Teams must ether get 300 coins (Duos) or 500 coins (Squads) to win the match.

The top 3 highest bounties will be marked on the map and on the compass on your screen. Upon completing the objective will reward you with the Victory Royale. There is an easter egg where if you enter the Hotel Continental in Neo Tilted, you cannot use your weapons until you exit the building.

This LTM was transformed into the Bounty LTM later. It is the same thing as Wick's Bounty, with it removing everything relating to the John Wick franchise. It also starts you out with a rare Assault Rifle and a rare Tactical Shotgun, instead of the Tactical Assault Rifle and the Combat Shotgun.