Blackheart Challenges

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Blackheart Challenges are an exclusive Season 8 set of challenges for Battle Pass holders. Once Blackheart has been earned, the Blackheart Challenges will be available to complete. The Blackheart Challenges can be completed anytime after the season end. The rewards for the challenges consists of a back bling, harvesting tool, and multiple style options for Blackheart.

Challenges & Rewards[edit | edit source]

Complete Any 12 Challenges Blackheart Banner
Challenge Rewards
Gain 10,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant BlackheartStage2.png

Blackheart (Stage 2)

Gain 40,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant BlackheartStage3.png

Blackheart (Stage 3)

Gain 80,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant BlackheartStage4.png

Blackheart (Stage 4)

Gain 120,000 XP 120px-HarvestingTool SwagSmasher.png

Swag Smasher

Gain 160,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant BlackheartStage5.png

Blackheart (Stage 5)

Gain 200,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant BlackheartStage6.png

Blackheart (Stage 6)

Gain 240,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant BlackheartStage7.png

Blackheart (Stage 7)

Gain 280,000 XP 120px-Outfit-Variant BlackheartStage8.png

Blackheart (Stage 8)

Gain 320,000 XP 120px-BackBling Mutiny.png


Complete 10 Weekly Challenges 120px-Outfit-Variant BlackheartRed.png

Blackheart (Red Clothing)

Complete 25 Weekly Challenges 120px-Outfit-Variant BlackheartBlue.png

Blackheart (Blue Clothing)

Complete 45 Weekly Challenges 120px-Outfit-Variant BlackheartWhite.png

Blackheart (White Clothing)