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Changes[edit | edit source]

6.10 Patch Notes (October 16, 2018 )
  • We've introduced a new type of Mission Alert: Beta Storms!
  • Beta Storms are an avenue for testing all kinds of new content. This gives us a chance to see what you think of new content and experimental ideas.
  • Beta Storms are a limited-time Mission Alert. They'll only stick around for a week or two, and then they're gone.
  • This week, we've introduced a Retrieve the Data Beta Storm, along with a quest line with escalating rewards for trying out the Beta Storm.
  • In this new version of Retrieve the Data you are under pressure as the Storm closes in on the balloon’s landing spot. The Storm will cause damage to you and force the combat into a smaller area when defending the Data. The mission is 20 minutes long and the only way to get the maximum reward is to shoot down the balloon as soon as allowed.
  • This Beta Storm ends when the v6.20 update arrives, so try it out while it’s available.