Ammo Box (Battle Royale)

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Ammo Box
Ammo box icon.png
Category Battle Royale Loot

Ammo Box is a loot cache that appears in Battle Royale. When opened, they can give 1-4 stacks of any ammo, with the same variables as in the floor and chests. It gives 95 XP upon opening it.

In Chapter 2, there are occasionally larger blue colored Ammo Boxes which drop more stacks of ammo, along with the chance to give a Small Shield Potion, Shield Potion or Medkit.

Ammo[edit | edit source]

Ammo Type Image Used On Stack
Light Bullets Light Bullets.png SMGs, Pistols, Miniguns, Tactical ARs 18
Medium Bullets Medium Bullets.png ARs, LMGs, Automatic Sniper Rifles, Dual Pistols,

Dual Suppressed Pistols, Scoped Revolvers

Heavy Bullets Heavy Bullets.png Sniper Rifles, Hand Cannons 6
Shells Shells.png Shotguns, Boom Bows 4
Rockets Rockets.png Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Kit's Shockwave Launcher 2
Former Ammo Type Image Used On Stack
Energy Cells Energy Cell.png Zapotron 4
  • Energy Cells may have only been available from Supply Drops.
    • Only existing footage shows them coming out of a supply drop in a stack of 4.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Ammo Box
Ammo box icon.png
Destructible Yes
Hitpoints 250
Materials Given 2