Agent Peely's Spy License

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Agent Peely's Spy License is an secret exclusive Chapter 2 Season 2 set of challenges for Battle Pass holders. Once the Battle Pass has been purchased, Agent Peely's Spy License Challenges will be available to complete. The challenges can be completed any time until the Season ends. All of the challenges are to be completed in the Battle Pass Tab in the lobby instead of an actual game. The reward for completing the Agent Peely's Spy License Challenges is the Banana Badge emoticon.

Challenges & Rewards[edit | edit source]

Turned the steam valves in Brutus' room Banana Badge.png

Banana Badge Emoticon

Knocked the cat toy off Meowscles' scratching post
Cranked Midas' phonograph

Objectives[edit | edit source]

In the Battle Pass Tab in the lobby, players can enter rooms featuring five out of the seven Battle Pass Characters in Chapter 2 Season 2. In the Agents section of the Battle Pass Tab, Brutus has a room players can observe and interact with. Three objects can be interacted with: Brutus (where players can choose a special style for him), a training picture on the wall (which activates a cleaver to suddenly be shot across the room and into the picture, and four valves. The valves when interacted in a certain pattern (right, left, middle, bottom) the valves all begin to let out gas, and Agent Peely appears.

In the Agents section of the Battle Pass Tab, Meowscles also has a room that players can interact with. Three objects can be interacted with: Meowscles (where players can once again choose a special style), some sort of speed bag made of yarn (which can only be hit when interacted with), and a cat toy. The cat toy when interacted with four times is slowly pushed each time until it falls off of the scratching post, and Agent Peely appears.

The last challenges is in Midas' room. There are two objects that can be interacted with: Midas (where players can choose the special style), and the phonograph. When the phonograph is interacted with three times, the crank will spin, and the phonograph will play the Spies! music track, activating Agent Peely from behind the Brutus painting on the left of the room. Once Agent Peely has appeared in all three locations, the Banana Badge emoticon will be unlocked.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When Agent Peely appears in each room, he seems to be reporting something, since he has his hand on his head, presumably the earpiece seen with him in the Chapter 2 Season 2 trailer. This suggests that he is, strangely, spying on the two characters. This supports the theory that he secretly works for a secret organization besides Ghost and Shadow.
  • TNTina's room is also an interactive room. There are, once again, three interactive objects: TNTina (for her special style), a Moisty Merman head (that can knocked around like a bobble head), and a strange machine that when interacted with, turns three knobs one at a time. Once all knobs are turned, the machine eventually explodes in the back, and Peely as a Smoothie appears from the fridge.
    • Skye's room has three interactive objects: Skye (for her special style), a board game (which rolls a die and moves a piece only to be reset), and three stars (they seem to have a pattern when pressed from right to left, but the pattern doesn't do anything on the third). No sign of Agent Peely in the room.
    • All rooms will have at least one extra object to interact with, involving Deadpool's Weekly Challenges.