Еxplosive rounds

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Explosive rounds are a type of ammo used in the Prop-o-Matic , Mounted Turret, Pirate Cannon, X-4 Stormwing, Motorboat, and the Baller. it is infinite, has Uncommon rarity , and cannot be seen in the player's inventory. it can be used in any type of weapon category, but cannot replace any other type of ammo. When dropped, this type of ammo resembles Medium Bullets from Save the World. However, it shows a rocket symbol when pinged. The game file for explosive rounds was moved/duplicated in the v11.00 update. This means that the original file will be empty and therefore, it is no longer available in Creative mode. However, the explosive rounds are still in the game, you just can't drop them.

Explosive rounds (when dropped)
Medium Bullets.png
this is an in-game photo
explosive rounds (when pinged)
Launch the rocket icon.png