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Similar to a Husky Husk however, has a red shirt. Will attack base unless player gets within pathing range.
Difficulty Medium
Attacks Moderate damage.
Health Moderate.
Special Abilities Has a BBQ propane gas tank, that he ignites and tosses towards the players base. If the tank explodes on the base it deals heavy damage, destroying most buildings.
Weapons to use Melee or Ranged.

Similar in size and shape to the Husky husk, 'Sploder husks wear a red shirt and carry a propane tank on their shoulder. When near players or buildings, they will throw their propane tank to do significant damage to all players, structures, and other husks near it.

They are first introduced during Stonewood Storm Shield Defense 3.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The propane tank can be shot while the husk is carrying it to cause it to explode before it reaches the objective. One shot will cause it to detonate after a short delay, two shots will cause it to detonate immediately.
  • Killing a 'Sploder before it has a chance to throw its propane tank will result in the tank falling to the ground without detonating. Be careful though, as the propane tank can still be detonated if it is shot while it is on the ground.
  • Some Abilities will detonate propane tanks, so be cautious when activating them near fallen tanks.
  • If a 'Sploder or a fallen propane tank is near other husks, shooting the propane tank to detonate it can be a quick way to clear a large crowd of husks.
  • Be extremely careful not to shoot propane tanks near built fortifications, as they will do extreme damage to structures— enough to outright destroy low tier building pieces.
  • When propane tanks are thrown they linger on the ground for a very short moment before detonating. During this delay they can be hit away using a Pickaxe or Melee Weapon.
  • They explode and destroy your buildings if they have the propane tanks equipped.

Gallery[edit | edit source]